lunanity love life cult by steve howard
Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 28

Short summary Book 28

A few love proclamations in this book to keep with the love letter theme. And some comments on body parts after witnessing a pleasantly shocking display. However, we mostly deal with philosophy, some random nonsense and the usual mix of science and technology. We had a couple murders just for fun. Thatís normal in New York. Normal does not mean good. War is normal. Not as much as it used to be. We need, for very real reasons that we explain, peace to be normal. The big plus sum gain space age transformation. For the believers, the age of Aquarius. We are in it. Celebrate with live music.

Longer Summary Book 28

Just a short note at the end of the day. Lilly confronts Esau about his contract on her.

Day 414 has a taste of astrophysics, the history, speculative from a Poopeenah trip, of the universe and Lilly invites Anna Lucia to the cottage for a few days. ďFor a threesome.Ē

For a swim in the lake.

415 Barbaralba and Namor have walked to Bridgetown North and will stay to visit Hanas. And the Blakes are coming.

Esau has the two girls to control his actions. He likes it.

416 They have a fun night with the Drakes and Hanas. In the morning they had an encounter with a large squid that had been trapped in the large fish trap. They had to help it out so it could be back with a proper amount of water.

How soon can we communicate through machine intelligence to translate the thoughts of other creatures. Be a thing to bet on. Pick a date. Iím going with March 1st 2028.

417 was a dreary day with little to say. A short insight and a short visit to fairytale lands.

418 was a full day of writing. So much was told. Some of Eden with our two lovers. Their events and near plans. And our other this time lovers, the three of them, are back in New York. And Esau has a new assignment. We find out more later. And the bloody sound loop is on below me. Bitch.

419 Jack and Anna Lucia investigate at the bank. Twelve safety deposit boxes emptied. A hole in the floor. Then they go to the owner of the boxes. He is dead. Mr. Diamond. Real name Mr. Kuntz. Murdered at 98. Hardly a tragedy but the killer has picked a dangerous family. Obviously has not read The Torah.

420 More bad news about the housemaid personal assistant of Mr. Kuntz. And Ms. Kuntz, the daughter, hired the Tim Reaper Company to find the stolen stones and the killer. Yes, it is an ugly mess but other people are having a nice day. So no worries but for pollution. What we call climate disaster. And fat people. The fat pandemic from shit food. Corn syrup.

421 was, like today is, a bloody Sunday. Today is sunny and loverly. Likely not going out. Did yesterday. Made pasta for lunch. Havenít done that since the spring. Some things happen. And on we go.

422 Mostly poetic babble and clever pontification. The mad teacher without students. Laws without prudence. No. No laws. Just in the wilderness calls. Is anyone conscious. We are here.

423 Mostly philosophy or something like it. Mark killed Jorg but other that Jorg, no now knows. And Mark is now on a cargo ship. On his way.

424 Esau figures Mark could be on a ship. Public transportation was not open to him. So they gotta keep looking. And other things. Such as a hero is a lone wolf. On the mission. No time for love. Just a life of misery and struggle.

425 If some of this fits for Second Genesis we can edit the snarky flip attitude of what the fuck out and make it look proper. Maybe in 2023. Unless I decide to take a little time to have some fun. Get a woman and take a walk in the moonlight. Itís been a long time since, not counting the solo walk last March, I walked in the moonlight. Thatís a song.

426 is a day of beating at the bottom of a bitumen pit, like our friend Joseph, looking for some poetic pleasure even if it must be a little sardonic and melodramatic.

427 We get to the scene of a crime. And some other news of one world or the other. We have a purpose. Some say we donít. But we are the children of exploded stars. When we grow up, we will care for stars. So they have a long healthy life. That is a real purpose.

428 Crazy times to finish up. The day pulled me to the river and I was held by friends at the cafť until she came. It is not containable. The narrator works at staying away from the little goddess. But it hurts. And she is too aware.

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