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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 35

Short summary Book 35

Entertaining and inspirational astronomic philosophy. We are mostly watching Esau of the Wild and his becoming the Lord of the land. Through love and cheeses. Hannah Hamlet continues to grow and offspring continue to be born. Anna Lucia and Charlotte get to have some serious fun times. And we learn through gentle prodding with rants and stories that we need not hold to convictions to buy our way into heaven. We got it if we take on the inheritance we have been given by reckless evolution. Itís both a lucky event and a job description. Reach out into the stars and take heaven.

Longer Summary Book 35

Is a short continuance from book 34.

533 We get started on populating Hannah Hamlet. Every free woman has at least one handmaid and we are introduced to many of them. And how they got to be what they were.

534 Black Beauty is the first new handmaid, not counting Dawn and Eve for they were there from the start of Luna the most beautiful, to sit upon the face of Esau. This is unusual procedure for a slave girl. But it is the way. The reader will understand.

535 They, Esau, Luna and Black Beauty, are having sex. Lilly has arranged a little engagement dinner with a few friends. Most all of them. Not many. And Esau is licking her. And Namor is licking Barbaralba. Some characters are sleeping.

536 A long entry. Relative. Much of it is Hannah Hamlet. Some talk of sex but no more than necessary to stay true to history. Brian made scissors. And there are some little fish on Alexandria. A day to celebrate. The queen of England died a couple days ago, long live the king. Just donít be a dick about it. Silly royalty nonsense. But okay. And Lilly and Esau are having their little dinner party. We get there next entry.

537 Jaded is a word one might use to describe the narratorís outlook on life. But it is only his personal despondency. There is much hope for the rest of the universe. Some parts. Like Alexandria with its little fish. Reason to party. And it came to pass that the great ring world had little fish. The future was wide open for a beautiful thriving biosphere.

538 The blessings of the goddess on this day. It is all so cheerful. Violet, who is as fair as Beutay is dark, is next up for bearing a child for the Lord. And the big surprise is Anna Lucia gets a new girlfriend. The wife of George, Charlotte. There is a bit of a story in that vain, as they say. And a short visit from an ostrich. My Love.

539 Hannah Hamlet has a few more people as building continues. The public bath is a big hit. And after Temple, Esau, Luna and Violet take the wagon up the hill to the woods to have three days of Violet worshipping. And Charlotte has another date with Anna Lucia.

540 They were in bed at Anna Luciaís apartment when Jack called. A young college student shot and killed. And when they got there, to the parentís house of the girlfriend, she was gone. Not answering her phone kind of gone. And Violet was nailing Esau in the rain. Luna watched from the wagon.

541 They find Molly. She is alive and mostly unharmed but in shock. She has blood in her hair from the head of her murdered boyfriend. Not nice. There are too many morons still abounding. Esau and part of his crew are on a cheese run. Violet has him from dusk till dawn.

542 Hannah sees her first cock fight in Gomorrah. And she likes Violet. Everyone does. Though not when she is having sex, she is always gentle.

ďNot counting when she cut the head off the wild chicken.Ē

And Anna Lucia is happy with her new girlfriend.

543 The adventures continue. And our characters are enjoying their lot in the plot. And soon the last book will be on the, what. Lap. Bed. Wherever you chose to read it.

545 Namor had a couple pipes with the Old Man and talked of the future. We are still on the trail with Esau of the Wild. He is busy loving his women. And children. A life I can only imagine as time races by and through me with no regard. So we will fade into history but leave a tale for the madness to witness.

546 A sheep died just before a friend called to tell me a friend died. Young still. Donít die young, dear readers. Stay fit and become wise. Or stay foolish. And they were called into the tent of the Lord. He was also fading into the cold dark night of forever bright.

547 As is the custom, the last entry is bold and hopeful. Even the death of the Lord Amamamabamba was a good night. For he had known the goddess and surrendered onto her and knew the prophecy of his favourite grandson. Also we mention that we are the gods and must take matter and energy into our own hands and mold the future so that it is as long as it can be with beautiful creatures and as yet unimaginable adventures.

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