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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Summary of Locus Synopsis

Short summary of Lunanity’s book of summaries.

Lunanity Love Life Cult. Love Letter for Luna. The objective with the use of improvising 36 books was to find the second half of Second Genesis. That is the story with Barbaralba and Namor meeting at the end of Castle City and the beginning of a new world. And we wanted to have some fun writing with a pen. 1.3 million words later we have it, Second Genesis in the raw version. And the surprise of a few stories and a Love Life Cult.

Longer summary

of the summary book of Love Letter for Luna. The summaries in the book of summaries reads a bit like a short version of the letter. It is meant both as a little teaser to evoke interest in the new world philosophy of the crazy theological scientist. And reference. Locus Synopsis.

“What is theological science, pray tell.”

Do we need religion, some ask. And maybe there is an answer. Something like, a species that knows little about the universe and is becoming conscious of knowing, they will freak out and make up some stories to feel safer at night. So religion is likened unto a safety blanket.

Then we start to understand the cosmos. We are in it and of it. Can we know it all, not likely. But we can take more control of the planet we still depend on and the rest of the solar system.


Mostly because we can. And thus we must.

In the Torah it was asked: what if they should take from the tree of knowledge and become like us.

“What’s the answer.”

They will know and no longer need believe. No longer be ruled so easily by lies.

And the beautiful question from such an old book: What if they take from the tree of life and live forever.

And there are two other questions that one will come upon when sitting long enough around the campfire and looking into the heavens.

Is there anything out there that can kill us.

Are there any resources to be had.

Once asked, we have no choice. For we know.

We are just getting started.

In the beginning are our stories.

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