lunanity love life cult by steve howard
Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 01

Short summary Book 01

Much random introduction with much unknown. It is how we approach love letters. We, thatís the royal we, do finally get Namor and Barbaralba back to Anamata. Much has changed and it will continue to do so. There is not any real point yet. However. You do get a feel for the style of the writer. Your humble narrator. It is good to get to know him before the storm comes. I wanted to say shit storm, or fan with the shit in it. But that ainít it. In fact, you are free to have great expectations for you are starting on a long, sometimes beautiful, sometimes mad, journey into the wonderful world of fantasy.

Longer summary Book 01

On the 27th of March 2020 shortly after the world entered pandemic alarm, a new love letter was started to Luna. Like most love letters, she does not know. It is now March 27, 2022. The 36 books are written and close to half have been typed.

Day 001 explains to Luna what can be expected. And a little story of a pretty rainy day.

Day 002 explains to Luna a short recap of the story of Barbaralba and Namor.

Day 003 explains a little more about the novel. Some words about Snow City and Sallandrah. A mention of the space ship.

On the fourth day, and there may be the odd mix up as we go along. Dates were seldom recorded until much later, we get into some science speculating and incest. For fun. Science question is about what is real. Why donít neutrinos care about what we think of as mass. What is mass. That sort of thing. The nature of reality is an ongoing theme.

Next day we speculate on some details of the spaceship. And we ask the paper clip question. And drop the name of the Castle City Mountain Machine. Some referencing to the book before they left planet earth. A little rambling about our own time. Back at the start of the blooming pandemic.

I might avoid cussing in these descriptions for they will be on the website, or both web sties. Our own and Smashwords. In the Love Letter is much cussing. Not at Luna who is partly my imagination and partly a real person. Muse. A goddess. We explain that much later.

Day six might have been two days. Some talk of the previous novel and the second novel before it is let go to concentrate our resources, my brain and the things in the world. And some bits beyond it. And there is some real time report but not with any news of the outer world. That is not often let into the dwelling that will one day have hot water.

Day seven talk wanders from fiction to current random events. Some various science, and it might be noted that your narrator is at times philosophical. Sometimes a little flippant. Mostly light hearted and optimistic.

Day 008 delves into the entertaining value of the banal in the here and now back then now.

A short short story of bunny dominance. And a wondering about a couple of our characters.

The ninth day is a little from book two still the very beginning and Zara has someone to question. So far she has only punched him once very hard in the face. For those not familiar with her character, now we have some clues.

To demonstrate proof of purpose aside from an imagined discourse with my dear friend Luna, after some trivial but philosophical bantering, we finally got Barbaralba and Namor back to Anamata Island after a long and brutal journey that can be read in the first part of Second Genesis. It is what we eventually decided to call the Castle City Story. For some time it was Ali Sam Barbaralba but Ali does not get a big roll in the novel. She is vital but not in the foreground of the story.

Namor talks for his first time on a telephone and the two Islands are excited about their return and curious about the men from Gadavida. There is just the mention of Zarathustra about to be part of the Eden story. The planet is called Eden. By the humans. They decided that many thousands of years back on the space ship.

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