lunanity love life cult by steve howard
Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 02

Short summary Book 02

Your humble narrator continues to avoid the novel. That is not a surprise. It is the style of a letter. Do not force the story. Let it ease its way in. There are other issues to deal with.

Philosophy and recording of history. In the near future all of our 3rd millennium actions will seem significant. 3rd after the last start of counting. For we have been humans 200,000 years or more. And before that, much the same. So we will also address those points. Many points in a big picture.

Longer summary Book 02

On the 12th and 13th day very little came to pass. As the cults like to say. Quick mention of the air. Was so clear. A beautiful thing. We should work toward that. Love life and not money.

Not much happening the next day. Some observation and philosophical titillation.

The next day we talk shortly about local happenings and the nature of the universe. There is no normal.

I have a hole now but still no wire connection. The house needs more power first. Not much to write about for Saturday.

On Sunday we had a short visit into the starting arena of our second book that is all about putting tyrants of industry to rest. A permanent rest. Zara is working on one of those assignments. Other than that, a general look at the world from a sit in the kitchen on my sofa and look at the trees point of view.

Monday is a good day for a story from the past in Toronto, including a short one gone mostly fiction but all true. And we get our people on Eden on their way, a beautiful road to Bridge Town. Hanas is well happy and has a little cry when he sees King Namor and Barbaralba.

It takes another day of not much to say before getting to the day after to visit the small town of Bridgetown. Barbaralba takes a leap off King Namor Bridge to drive her sword through a shark. Not so big, this one. Then she takes Namor a little way up the mountain for a romantic evening watching the sky.

On the 21st day did I lose my cool with the blasted energy goats. But then jumped into the run away galaxies problem. One of our biggest problems. We will need to find a way to harness the energy of space expanding. In a few billion years. Not on the top of the list of things to do.

Day 22 looks at some astrophysics opportunities, some might say conundrums. Some may say the world will be a hell hole of death. That is the coal industry, looking to sell more and die in a golden box.

Next day is where we bitch a little about coal. Even use harsh language. For them there is no forgiveness now. Governments that give money to them, oh the words we could use but strive to keep Lunanity safe for Americans. Thatís sarcasm. I was going to say kids.

More importantly, they were in the middle of the beautiful King Namor Bridge. A most beautiful work of engineering.

On day 24 Billy explains why it is a good idea to keep some oil in the ground for unforeseen emergencies. Something no one, for no one gives a flying butterflyís butt about anything beyond next Tuesday. Karl was leveled with the bombastic logic and cried from laughing.

I forgot to mention hot water. On day 25 I washed ass and balls, can I say that and still be for kids and Baptists. Oh. I jest again. Canít help myself. Or I can and donít see it as a good move. So on this day, we talk of making a bull a steer.

It is not too graphic but a little hard on the Bull. That was on a ranch in South America.

Next day included many words. A plethora of squawking about anything. Pleasant. Something to read when going to sleep soon and wanting no particular direction. We do talk a little of a couple characters and the plan to prepare a peace declaration and trade and travel agreement. Big news for those on the two islands.

It was April 27 when we were issued official masks. Rode my bike, in the sun, to the schoolyard and like anyone else, got four masks to go shopping with. It is the 7th of April 2022 as I continue the description for the website and Smashwords. And today when I went to the doctor, what I almost never do, to say, I got a fucked, whoops. Anyhow. I am the proud owner of the Corona virus. We see how long. It took two days for me to wonder if I was off, then the woman at the doctorís office said. You gonna get a real test. Wait outside. My Monday test was negative and I saw no one after that. So the virus takes time to brew. Bastards. Anyhow. It sucks but not so much.

Day 32 includes some random ramble around current events close to home. Or far away. And a short visit with Prescott and David King in the office.

Next day we attempt to see what Barbaralba and Namor are doing in her village. Taking it easy. And some other rambling.

Day 34 might be best enjoyed with a joint. Or whatever other mind altering drug you use these days. Mushrooms. LSD. I know. Old school. Mostly rambling.

There is one more day of mostly having no connected ideas, a little rant and getting upset at whatever and in the end, I love you, see what the next book has for us.

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