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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 03

Short summary Book 03

To keep to the theme of speculative not knowing, avoiding conclusions and unsure where to get an in for the novel that is our secret goal, we have some philosophy or something like it. Not many want to take time out for philosophy and physical insights.

ďDo you mean metaphysical.Ē

No such thing. Ask a physicist. And you will learn to see that physics is so crazy there is no need to imagine imaginary beings beyond it. You could attempt before and outside of the universe. That is wide open not known.

Longer summary Book 03

Day 36 is the beginning of the book. But not much in the way of revelations or story.

Next day includes some space speculation and astronomical history and probabilities. It sounds all quite clever.

Sundayís banter is mostly down to Earth, as they say. A mix of social and philosophic insights. We do explain how Eden got started. Not much detail.

Day 39 is a Monday. We spend a few moments in Namorís head and we comment on current events.

Day 40 highlight was the moon as seen from my balcony. And a few things between it and me.

Next day we get a pretty, a little nutty, rant.

Day 42 was mostly working on photos so we go to day 43. More words are put into play on that Saturday. A bit of world reporting and making clear things one normally does not wonder about.

Sunday is for a short visit with the Erapa team with their neural lace implants. Used to be fiction in Iain M. Banks novels. Now they are being tested. Marry the humans to the machines. Is it a dangerous thing to do. Or. Is it more dangerous to not marry the machine and end up being at odds with it. This line of questioning gets looked at later, so wonder about it and keep reading. Some brilliant ideas will blossom in your mind as you ride the roller coaster of prose and philosophy.

Some reporting on the present and the past. And in our story, one of the missions of this lengthy love letter, Zauqir comes to meet the returning heroes and the Priest that has befriended Namor. There are many fish in the canal now that the water flows better.

Short visit to book two that is in suspended imagination. Zara has someone to interrogate. She kicks him in the face on this day for she wants to go to the jungle dome to hang with Artemis. She is up a tree feeding a baby toucan.

And for the present day record, it is the 13th of April. My home virus test was negative. See what it is at the not at home test tomorrow. If it is negative, I go for a walk, get some food. Maybe an ice cream.

May 13 was a bit of explaining why and what a love letter. The short of it is, if I imagine I am writing to my muse or love or both in one, it makes everything easy. Like writing to a real love. Hey sweetie. You are so fucking cool. I miss seeing you but on the other hand, who are you for real. And in this case. Tomorrow in real. But not a big deal. At least it is the way I am supposed to feel. But she knows. I see her glow. For she is truly a goddess. Now I am writing to you who is not Luna. Anyhow. Soon, in the past, I am 60. Two more days. It only gets later as the days go by.

The 14th is quite a philosophical, in a space age way, enlightenment. And I mention I would say one way where we gonna meet aliens in this galaxy and I never did in all the book. Donít think. Can you guess. Picture long into the future, humans evolving as they choose, for we have that knowledge and technology. Well, thatís it. We spread around the galaxy; the outer space is where the best real estates is. So we meet other descendants of LUCA evolved in some other direction. Aliens. Yet cousins. That will happen. And math may be our only way to communicate. Not for long. The hyper intelligent machines, what we also are, will deal. The future is crazier than any mortal of 2022 can imagine. As long as we survive.

May 15 and I am 60. In 2020. And a prophet and a few other things. Science speculations and history.

I was away for 11 days up to the East Sea. So I am pissed off at nothing and will adjust tomorrow. Wonít talk about it. This is not a new book. It is just a long description of the love letter. Day 50 is a little rant on what in the world.

Day 51, which as we might have said could be out a day or two either way, is a wonderful improvised solo likened unto a Frank Zappa many minute wandering. It is somewhat apologetic yet scientific and nonsense. And it is proof. If well analyzed.

Next day is a wash out.

So on to day 53. Another pretty ramble through many topics, none of which are of much use for the novel but are good fun in the letter. And the letter is the mission. The hope for love.

Day 54 is rambling ranting, a little bitching and a short story. Very short. A bat shit story.

Next day is mostly ignored. Then there is then last day for book three. And in real time is it the first Wednesday in May. Two concerts this weekend.

Day 56 concludes book 03. With some hope and prophecy. The beginning of our road to discovery. And we will pull up one sentence: Everything a person should know before making the mistake of jumping to a conclusions.

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