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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 04

Short summary Book 04

There is a hint at story telling in book 4. We finally get to the city on the east of Barbancor. In the novel and soon in the letter, we call it Lacuna. It has been attacked in the harbour mostly. And Barbaralbaís army, or navy, has landed to take possession of the peninsula.

Most of the book is with random improvising around topics that might relate to the tedium of daily life in the year of the pandemic. The early years. Back when the old folk were dying. And fat kids with asthma.

Longer summary Book 04

We finish off day 56 with a short ramble and short memory of going to a Kiss concert. In the 70s.

Day 57 not much to report. A short bitch. And I noticed no one cares about real news, like the space age.

Next day we take a short visit back to Canada and talk of the kissing day. A beautiful few minutes of loving strangers.

Day 59 has good news. We can piss, or pee, urinate at the fitness studio. I donít. I pee before I go and when I get back for a shower. And we are on about solar energy a little.

Day 60 what is likely the 28th of May, gets to our story. Sallandrah and the Old King meet after a 2,000 year pause. In the novel we will need to ham it up a bit.

Next day a little local news and a bit from Eden. Some questions about the new infrastructure.

Day 63 has a hint of the progress with bicycles on Eden. The four wheel peddle device. A four wheel bike. Quadcycle. And other things. They gonna go visit the village. See the Old Man.

Next day they get to the Old Manís soup kitchen. I just read book 23. So it is a bit of time travel. Coming back to before the major wars.

In day 65 we get to a bit of our story. The return to Gadavida with ships of war and news of their new alignment. There are a few other little bits of history of no significance.

We explain why AI might not push us out of the future to take it on their own. It is a good argument and AI should have a read and agree. Also we mention the naked woman and the renovation and not all lawyers are thieves. Next couple entries is some reports and philosophy. In the first few books the entries are short. A few pages a day. Getting warmed up to writing.

Day 70 is a little rambling story and memories of home.

Day 71 we are gone from Gadavida and make anchor in Havatara harbour to fulfill Barbaralbaís promise to take down the authority and building of Sun Temple. It is the shortest war on the planet.

Next bit is still in Havatara. Three priests leave their walled sanctuary to ask to be part of the planning for the sport fighting event. Barbaralba is a legend there. That was after the first attack in Chapter 22 or so. Lost 21 schooners and some people. Not this time.

On day 74 we get to a night, early evening, sport fighting event. And the priests open the gates of the temple. And they leave it. Gentle surrender.

Next day the ships leave Havatara on their way east along the coast. And then the next day here, 08:30 on a Saturday, the workers get around to putting up the scaffolding in preparation for a month of toxic torture. And the ships take time out for a shark feast in an unpopulated harbour.

We get to the next city in a few days. Not many words getting written yet. Takes some time to get warmed up. There are 400 ships of war, small wooden ships, waiting for them.

Day 80 we start the blasting of the wooden ships. The metal ships are now anchored in the harbour. And work on the roof pushes black dust into my apartment.

Next day we get a little more war and a slight return of the instinct lesson for a little boy. The robinís eggs secret revealed. Oh, the horror of other humans.

Day 82 is some reflection of thoughts and wondering about the sky. The rest of the ships are now anchored in the harbour. The home navy is done. Many swam back to shore.

They spend some days fishing in the harbour in our day 83. Barbaralba catches a shark with her sword. She does not intend to frighten the locals. However, they do not have metal swords, not even bronze. So the action is a little shocking. They remain yet on the ships after fishing. The locals attempt a surprise catapult attack but they are shot down.

84 was a wash out and 85 is a bit of bitching at empires and happy birthday Canada a few hours early. And the first plan for the little hill. On the balcony. Day 85, what may or may not be the 85th day of writing, still at moderate to slow progress, we finish book 4. With a bloody battle. And the soldiers of Barbaralbaís army take up residence on a mostly unused piece of land. They build the town hall straight away.

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