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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 05

Short summary Book 05

Some bitching and raving to find some momentum in the swinging of the pen. And there was good progress on what will be the last major war in the next book. We have prepared for it and built the start of a new city and started our first project in Lacuna. The castle is being turned into a public library. No books yet but Lexus and Sallandrah are busy at it back on the island. And the Old King is directing the building of turbines, big ones, and hand held radios. And we have located the Seat of God. Our destination for siege. The last war.

Longer summary Book 05

Building gets underway in the new settlement. At the end of the peninsula is the construction of docks and warehouses and workshops. In the town center, tree houses and a fighting stage.

Day 88 is a washout. A Sunday morbid Sunday. So onward to 89. There we get some theology and philosophy and science. A visit to the two questions in Genesis. Most misinterpreted two questions perhaps in history. And Barbaralba Town is taking shape. And two from the city come to make first contact. They have excellent wine. Also, Namor cuts open a coconut for Barbaralba. And she drinks of the nectar. For the first time. Not forbidden by any gods.

Day 90 has Zauqir arriving in Barbaralba Town. And it was the last time for brownies. Before your birthday but I was soon to lose my gas.

Day 91 gets to the story. Building has continued and fight nights become a weekly, every 6 day, event. They have discovered that most of the men have left Lacuna. It is assumed to prepare for war. They have left their city unprotected. At the fight night, the most recent, some of the city folk, mostly old men and a few women and some kids, they bring six barrels of wine to fight night. Zauqir is talking trade by the end of the night. And. Do you remember the night Narnok’s girlfriend was killed by the family of inbreds. Well, one of them came to fight Barbaralba at fight night and cut her with a hidden blade. Nothing serious. Just a reminder we are still at war. Scouts are running north to find out where all the soldiers went.

Some events in day 92. The scouts discovered that the woods had been set on fire to slow them down. Namor decided that two short roads be built, one from the town hall to where Barbaralba wants a new dock. Water is too shallow for ships so they will build a transport barge to bring in botain and wagon frames. Workers starts to prepare for war on the City of God. Still no one has seen it.

Day 93 has a few events in Barbaralba Town including news from Castle City Island. Good news there. Not so good with the war situation but we are still preparing and time is taken for a shark and fish feast on the peninsula. Some reports of the coast to the east. Almost uninhabited but for a few fishing villages. Zarathustra is preparing for a fight. First fight night.

Next day three radios come from the Old King. They have no batteries so must be hand cranked. They are for the scouts to communicate. Also the wagons are being prepared for the war but we still await the botain to pull them up the long road to the Seat of God. That is the city of priests, the makers of law and the common soldiers are also there, preparing for war.

Day 95, for us, not Eden, the botain are offloaded and that was the main event of the day.

Day 96 has much happening. News from Lexus and 12 more radios for the scouts. Public libraries have been decided on. Lexis and Sallandrah, with many others, work on printing and distributing books.

A couple scouts have gotten to the Seat of God. No details yet other than it is a large and dark city walled by mountains and a massive wall. There is a spoiler alert warning. It is best to skip the paragraph for the first read. It pertains to book 2. The book that won’t be written. Unless stem cell therapy becomes a thing. It’s a nice surprise in a later chapter after the war. That is in book 6. For book 5 is about to end.

Next day we get a better report on the Seat of God. Not a city to barge into. Just about impenetrable.

And then I spend a day readying book 5, bitch about a few things. Bloody this, fucking that. Dreams with a cat. I am attempting to make these descriptions not specifically to Luna. The general reader. The 3 or 4 billion of them. For it is to be a new world cult. Peace.

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