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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 06

Short summary Book 06

We stick mostly to the novel, Second Genesis. It is the last major war. They travel a long road to lay a most brutal attack on the Seat of God. But most of the common soldiers have survived with few dead. They are sent, taken, back down the road to Lacuna. We will get there in book 07. The pace is quick and not always clear. We will fix that in the novel. We are inspired here by the goddess, some like to say God, for they do not yet understand, as your humble narrator does not yet at this point of the story. So stick to it. Some big events and story yet to come. And some love stuff.

Longer summary Book 06

We start day 100 in book 6 with an ode to blueberries. In the back field long ago and now a thing on the island. And Sallandrah has arranged for a blueberry pie. For her lover.

The next day we have a map of the Seat of God. The area around it and some more information and some more questions. The wagons are prepared for leaving. A long road to the dark city.

Day 102 has our soldiers six days on the Mountain Road. A trail wide enough for the wagons and 3,000 soldiers. They take a day to relax at a mountain lake. Much eating and resting.

Day 104 report getting to the Seat of God, blasting a pile of stone from the wall to keep the dogs in before setting up camp and then building, cutting a trail down the other side of the plateau to a clean river. Both for water and hunting. Many soldiers took time to bathe and rest in the shade. The plateau was hot most of the day.

Day 105 has a pleasant surprise for those who have read Ali Sam Erapa. And two fire arrows are shot into the smoky dark city to alert the inhabitants that an army is outside the city. It is a small army but with superior weapons and a position of power.

The new discovery that comes with the visitor from far away is the long crack in the mountain beneath the Seat of God. The Seat of God is a large rock on a large rock that with a little imagination or desperation for meaning looks like a big throne. If God was a giant, he could sit there and watch over the holy city of killer dogs and pigs. As long as the smoke didnít bother him. In the old stories God is always a man. We will get to that topic later. After the war.

Day 106 was a bit of a writing frenzy, finally. Much happening. They have to jump up out of their sleep to defend a black balloon attack that covers the side of the mountain in fire. A few come over the wall in a suicidal attempt at an attack. Dogs are lowered on a platform with ropes. They get blasted back to hell where they will be encouraged to stay. And with only less than 20 Lacuna soldiers brutally and quickly slaughtered. They accept the offer to give up the war and take the long march home. The first three wagons also accompany them on the trail.

The crack in the mountain is stuffed tight with dry wood and ready for wetting.

Day 107 is a long entry. The end of the war is finally written. All but the 18 soldiers that had been cut down in the short attempt, not counting those who died in the sea battle; there more had died. The last war also took the lives of the highest assumed authority. They had been blotted out. No one knows how many had lived in the dark palace. They all were buried. The priests, pigs and killer dogs. And there were chickens and goats and that was sad but that is how the end of the little world of dictator darkness ended.

Everyone else is on the trail back to Lacuna or Barbaralba City. Most still call it Barbaralba Town. In the novel we wonít call it a city.

The next day we run out of pages in book 6. The goddess has a birthday. The one we are writing to. We mostly wrote of the story and that is good for getting the story written. Book 7 is the beginning of peace time.

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