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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 07

Short summary Book 07

We stick to the story line in book 07. We have a pleasant trip and family reunion and new love. Back at Barbaralba City and Lacuna much is happening with city improvement. And football has taken over as top sport. The Lacuna Team is good. Official regulations fighting in the new small amphitheater in Barbaralba Town. The library is active. People come to learn about sports. The locals have warmed up to the new ways of the world. Our protocol team is preparing to start their travels at the beginning of the next book. Oh. And the drawings and stories of Artemis are prepared for printing.

Longer summary Book 07

Day 109 is a short intro. Books have been brought to the old castle new library. Not many could read so that would be one of the first projects. The in the beginning was the word thing is no good if people can’t read. Or won’t. Here is a question. How many, what percentage, Christians have read the bible.


Then there is a party with 6,000 people on the beach of Barbaralba Town. New wine and brew from Lacuna. And fish. Always fish. If we forget to mention that there was fish, there still was fish. It’s all about the fish.

Next day of writing gets our team of eight on their way up river to where Artemis wants to take the Old King and Sallandrah. A schooner drops them off at the narrow cove and they start to rowing. In real time it is the 13th of June and a full moon should be out there soon. But we won’t start writing a story. Not tonight. And tomorrow we will type in book 29. So we are getting there. My Love.

We get to the Art History Island. All carved in stone. Some long forgotten memories for five of the eight. And there is something happening with Zauqir and the locals. He is telling more recent stories. Attempting to make it known to the locals that they might want to learn to read.


Oh. For it is good for your brain. If you become a good reader, one may also learn to think. And those who learn to think are not as likely to be slaves to beliefs and paradigms of empires and can have a few thoughts of their own.

The next day of writing is started on the little island then continues down river with a few short camping times and pondering and enjoying the world. Narnok doesn’t want to drag the rowboat over the path to the cove, so they don’t. Leave it for the next visitors.

They spend a few days at the ocean in a cave. Hundreds of years, most of 2,000, adding floor cover, little structures, amendments, all from wood and rope won from shipwrecks. And after four nights of fires on the waterfront, they are spotted by a schooner crew, murdered and eaten.

“They are not.”

“Just seeing if you are paying attention.”

Next day is still in Barbaralba Town. Alexandria has a look around in Lacuna. They visit the new library and she gives a little speech before the first fight on the stage of Barbaralba Town. Sold out crowd of more than 5,000. She makes it clear that they came to the planet in a space ship to bring life and enjoy it. And the near future would correct the damage reckless abandon had done in the human densely populated areas. Cities of waste and shit.

Day 115 focuses mostly on our novel. If you looked online, you would see we decided on Second Genesis. Not so much a bible reference as the second beginning. The second planet with a human dominating civilization. There is a nice word for that: anthrosomething. It is also, about now in the story, a second genesis for Eden. And in this bit of the story there is a nice fight night and for soccer fans, Lacuna is full of them, the first Twin City game. The Priests of Barbaralba Town looked good for the first half but were no match for the Lacuna team.

“Do they have a name.”

“What about the Badgers.”

“Or Mountain Lions.”

We will see.

The thing to note is that peace is working already quite well in Lacuna and we forgot to mention the delivery from The Old Priest. Crate of books. All the same book. The same book he gave Namor when they first became friends. Except Gadavida now has a modern printing house.

We finish book 7 with day 116. Alexandria makes some decisions as to sports and environmental protection of the land east of Lacuna. She gets the Twin Cities in agreement to a sports organization. Might be called Twin Cities Sports Something. And they are mostly ready to start on the Barbancor journey. The first stop over will be Havatara. The Lacuna Badgers will represent the Twin Cities in a soccer tournament. They gonna have some fights and likely some other events. Track and rowing and we get to it in book 8. A few other things happen and the Second Genesis story continues. So tune in book 8 to see what. I know but won’t say.

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