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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 08

Short summary Book 08

The trip was interrupted to start Camp Namor. Three Rivers also needed and wanted help in a living update. Clean water and electricity will change your life. Most of us are used to those luxuries.

Camp Namor had not been in the plan. Not even for your humble narrator. They ran into serious resistance that led to the Battle at Camp Namor. There is also a surprise story. It got locked in, we were going to throw it back but the characters demanded our attention. The end of the world with global warming and one other serious disaster that you will discover when you read it. There is some hope and some good times. For it is the nature of life, that includes us, to keep at it even, or especially, in the face of adversity. My Love.

Longer summary Book 08

An unfortunate start to book 8. They arrive in Havatara for sporting events. They all have rooms in the old, remade, Sun Temple. Now the main sporting complex. What was unfortunate was the second football game was tiresome. No action. One goal from a questionable eleven meter penalty shot. It left everyone a little irritated. Those who had been drinking much brew were aggressively angry. And it was hot in the city. Alexandria wanted to see it. Get a brew and soup with Lexus and Artemis. And on their way back, some drunks were raping a woman and one wanted to rape Lexus. That had what we call repercussions. And the echoes of that night will go on for some time.

Day 118 is burdened with a long meeting about how one was to conduct oneís self in a tribe. A large tribe, or city, was still a pack and it was finally agreed that rape would not be okay. And Narnok participated in a running swimming event. As did Artemis and Zarathustra. Placing first and second.

Day 119 is a few days later. The sporting event has come to an end for the Havatara games. And the protocol team is packed and on their way up river. They travel with botain and wagons and must first travel west for the streets will not be wide enough in the city. West of the city in Narnokís home village there is a big all day party for him. And it is where Namor and Barbaralba first stayed to recover from their time as flotsam on the ocean.

Next day, or was it two. Live music. I remember that. First time we got out to have fun and see friends. And the protocol team, back in our story, they travelled a little farther west before they could travel north.

Day 122, many days later is a visit to a small stinking city. Barbaralba will have a fight. The fighter hugged her at the press release stand off. And as it often is, there was a soccer game to attend. But no worries, hockey fans, Eden soccer tends to be fun. And we wonít report on their games.

Day 123 is a pretty though tragic for the world story. Independent of all stories in the letter. A short story, we can call it. Some researchers are away in the jungle when the world comes to an end. When they return from their time in the jungle, well, best you read it. A high recommendation from the narrator. Quite cute. And philosophical and whatnot.

Day 124. Didnít see this coming, My Love, they came to a small city that did not welcome them. In fact, they intended to kill them. So we have the start of Camp Namor and a little war after the start of peace time. Much like on Planet Earth in the now. Bloody asshats invading a country and killing, raping and destroying. Revolting behaviour for the age of plus sum gain. The golden age. Or as the stargazers call it. The age of Aquarius. No longer the dawning. It is good morning time. Age of enlightenment. No matter what belief you adhere to. They all say the same thing. It starts now.

Much time passes in our day 125. Camp Namor is made into a small city and there is no second attack. The old city gets an update so that the stench of reckless abandon is relinquished to sustainable living.

The next entry reports on farther developments in Camp Namor. They get an invitation from Three Rivers. A large city to the north. And good news letters from The Old Man in Village 36. Rain. It rained for the first time since the castle, since no one could remember.

Here on a Saturday, some bugger, I took 3 different words to get to bugger. Which is silly for the book is full of cussing. Your Love letter. Sex and violence. A load machine, getting on my nerves. It is a scientific fact. Noise fucks up your nerves. Bitches.

Day 127 is close to the end of the book. Some things happen but we have said enough.

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