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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 09

Short summary Book 09

There was less attention to our story and more focus on random ranting. This can be fun frolicking through the fauna and flora or it can dabble in philosophic fuckery. We are hampered just a little by the darkening of the season and the bleakness of life with no reason. But alas, we need not give in or up when all sucks. It is up to us to make the history of the present for future generations. For they will not be burdened by bleak news of wars and oceans of plastic and toxics flowing in the rivers and poisons in the drinking water and acid in the rain.

“’Cause they are all dead, right.”

No. We are cleaning up our act.

Longer summary Book 09

We start with day 129 and The Old Man and Simon arrive in Camp Namor. The surprise city like Barbaralba City was. Simon will establish his business. The Old Man makes his first soup outside of the village and he explains to very old friends that he knows Sallandrah’s story is true. At least true enough to be mostly real.

Next couple days are many day, some stage fights and Beddi, Simon’s girlfriend, not sure but I think she stays in Camp Namor for the duration. She likes it. And Three Rivers. She is a shoemaker. And Radio Paradise has more Tool. What is silly for I have the songs on all of my devices. But this mix is often on at night.

Day 132 has a little holiday, life is mostly holiday on Eden, like here on Earth, now that we have what game theorists call plus sum gain. All new. Four of the super heroes go up river, a little one. For time out. Fantasy.

133 has a big surprise for Namor. They get back from their little vacation and Zarathustra and Narnok are waiting at the dock to inform him that one of the fighters is injured and Namor must fight. This is in Three Rivers. He not only makes a respectable show, he outlasts his opponent and drops him. The crowd loves the Drave King. Then they return down river to Camp Namor. And they will soon, the protocol team, continue down river.

We skip through to just before Gadavida. Namor has many fights. He loses some. Not to worry. He is in it just for fun. And it is time to kill a shark. A long time it was away from the ocean.

Next entry does get us to the dock of Gadavida. On this day in real history is: see an angel. Like the man told me while many were around but none did see him, only angels can see angels. There is a hyper real to the creatures and it makes everything worth the effort. Most people think of winged mythological creatures when they hear the word. Or a sexy girl. Or Jinn. It is something real. Love direct from the source. The emergence of the Ubermensch.

Day 136. We are in Gadavida. Namor has a fight. He has many fights. And we get a little information about the ship. It may be expanded on in the novel.

Day 137 Namor and Barbaralba are relaxing and talking about biology and is there a populated continent on the other side of the planet. If so, do we need to kill them all.

“No. That wasn’t it.”

Next day, Namor gets a bit of philosophy going. The most of it has to do with is there meaning. If not, so what. There is opportunity for the new masters of life. They can make and protect paradise. In the name of our ancestors and our possible descendants, we must see to survival and fun. A pursuit of heaven. Our birthright.

Day 140 was mostly for a pointless, many direction ramble. A fun bunch of stories woven together. And the date is wrong. By six days. It gets fixed later and it is not so important unless you go to someone’s birthday party.

142 is a bit of battle with a very short bit of a story that helps explain the universe. And if you ain’t caught it by now, it is what is going on here. We are in a universe. That is a wild adventure and there is shit we absolutely must do. As in we may think we have freewill but only those who don’t know what they want have freewill. Better said, free from will. Willless tumbleweeds taking up space and messing shit up.

Day 143 is a bit of local reporting and some speculating. The protocol team is on one of the metal islands. Just for a look. I think they are going to go north on account I am typing in book 31 now and went with my cousin into town and also trying an upload thing on google. That and I had two balls of ice cream. So let us try one more.

Next day. And no, they are in Gadavida. Planning trips. They wanna map some of the planet. And something else. I better stop for today.

Day 145 we talk of things that are happening and we do some speculating and we have one very pretty answer from Namor to a question about why he likes fighting. And it could be applied to other things. Sports or music. The moments when it is clear.

147 has some entertaining rambling logic that may encourage the reader a trip down imagination lane. Imagination is oft thought as folly for children who need not care. For grown ups obey and despair. Alas. It is a pathetic paradigm from the age of no good reason. We have things that need to be imagined. It is honourable work. Here at Lunanity, we gonna help you with that. Read this chapter, or day, with no distractions. If you smoke the weed, now is the time.

And the next day, book 09 was done. And with an inconclusive wrapping up of not much, we will move on to the next book. And for math folk. Nine books is 25% of 36 books.

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