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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 10

Short summary Book 10

As is the trend, some fun and philosophy mixed into madness and mental manipulation. And though a few details are off at the start of the story and we canít change them because it is the rule for this love letter, we have the solid start of a story that if we did not already have the novel to edit down to, we would likely take the story of Lilly and make it a smashing novel. We would come back to fix Jillís name at the start. And a few details about Grimm Reaper, he ainít fat, for example. And Jack canít cum in a few minutes. Sometimes takes an extreme workout to get there. And our crew in the future are enjoying a gentle life on the raft. My Love. Oh, saw Trip last night. They are so cool. Above and beyond. We will see them live.

Longer Summary Book 10

The narrator seems to have given up on keeping sexual fantasy to a minimum. Just so the Baptists know. Best not read the Love Letter for Luna. There are other things happening. Sex is like the fur on a bunny. It hides the meat and the blood. And for those obsessed by the thought of sex, perhaps they will only see the fur and miss the action of the muscles and essence of the not so hidden but riddled in parables and antidotes.

There is little that is more dreary than a Sunday when not in love. Being in love with a fantasy only makes it worse. Anyhow. The protocol team are enjoying some time in Snow City. A slide down a mountain. A contemplation on this or that. We will be in the forth day when we return.

Day 152 was a little blue and there was a bit of a bite to the prose. The holiday team have left Snow City to go back down river to visit Little Barbaralba who is bigger than Barbaralba.

The next couple days are uneventful. Just rambling on. Luckily it is short and a little funny. And it reports that I was out of the city. A big event.

After their visit in Little Barbaralba Town, or City, Alexandria decides they are building a raft to float down the Gadavida river. And it is another Sunday but instead of a black hole, I saw you and the family for an evening meal. Deer stew. Donít know if thatís true. But it was nice to see you even if you are a little too cool. And Iím happy for the crew on the raft.

Next day on the raft, Barbaralba wants to understand what we here on Earth call American Football. Not like football that Americans call soccer. Namor has yet to play it but he had read up on the tough and crazy sport. He likes it. However, more than throwing a ball with Narnok is not in the near future. For the near future will involve some mapping of some of Eden. That is the next big plan if war is done.

Day 157 is meat day. A break from fish. The three hunters track a pig and are surprised by a turkey and kill it. But the pigs attack so they kill one and when everything is on the raft and roasted, they stop an eight man canoe and make them party with them. And the Old Priest foretells the future.

The next entries are somewhat random jabs at here and then. And the raft is still on its way toward the ocean. There was something else but I will have a nap and leave you, the reader, to discover it.

Day 161 still on the raft. A nice question and answer time. And this is the most important when sitting around a dying campfire and looking into the starry night.

ďIs there anything out there that can kill us.Ē

ďAre there any resources we can use.Ē

And since both are now known. We have no choice but to be in control of the solar system and then the stars. This is a fact; so if you have an opinion based on belief that says otherwise, you are wrong. And need to change your mind. Stubborn stupidity leads to extinction.

Next day is also on the raft. The Old Priest is getting good at coffee and chocolate. It is his passion. And talking philosophy with Namor.

Day 163 is where the other story starts. If it is made into its own story, as in edited, a few details would be changed. Left out. Names are later fixed and the characters that are introduced and not dead after the first report become an ongoing story. From the voice of Sallandrah. She is happy to write something new. And the Grimm Reaper was a little fat when He first met him. Not now. Just so you arenít surprised when you meet him later.

Day 164 we meet Detective Lummermann. She is new at the job. Not out of cadets. She was military. But we might not know that yet. Lilly is recovering in the hospital and is gone when He, the man of no identity for the first part of the story, goes in to kill her. He thinks he will but knows he wonít. Itís his job but in Lillyís case, it just ainít right.

Day 165 Lilly goes to visit her grandmother. That is not in the city. Have we told you what city. I donít think so. You could guess. He decided on one of his identities. Detective. The private kind. He does some research to find out where Lilly is from.

Day 166. I havenít read this bit for a while. I love the characters. Even Jack. And I would hug all of them. And Lilly. Oh my. And Detective Jill. Is she hot. And tough. He is watching. Trying to find Lilly.

The raft is still floating toward the ocean.

Day 167 is the end of book 10. The Lilly story continues. And we get filled in with more information and always some science and philosophy. Yes. Even though we have fun, war, violence, and some sex, mostly later in the books, this is meant to be a good book for smart youth who want to be armed for life. And old people who need a good laugh.

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