lunanity love life cult by steve howard
Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 11

Short summary Book 11

We are caught up in Lillyís story. She visits her Grandmother. Detective Jill tracks her down and has some time to talk about things and enjoy a day in the mountains. Jack flies out to find his partner. Thatís Jill. And He, our man, or Detective Jim. He canít decide if he will fulfill his well paid contract or not. He takes some time to enjoy his stay in beautiful Wyoming. Has some boots made. And a hat. We ignore most all other characters on the raft but for a short visit. The Lilly Story has become our other novel. The fun to write and not care where it takes us story. My Love.

Longer Summary Book 11

Our hired killer has figured out Lilly is in Wyoming and will drive out with a hunk of hash and let the car take charge. He has a Tesla. He can afford it. And still called Jill, our hot detective, is also on her way. She, unlike our killer, has an address.

169 The killer and the detective, could be a title for a book. But that is always the story. And it ainít our title. To date, there isnít one. They are both on their way. West.

Lilly is still wondering why she inherits Royís fortune. What should she do. Other than piss in the wind. Our killer is in Wyoming but in no hurry and not sure where Lilly is. And Jack wakes up in his bathtub after three days of party with penis drugs, cocaine and whores. Nice ones he likes. And he finally starts in on a little detective work on his laptop.

Day 171. Our killer on the road kicks off his shoes, laughs for the first time in a long time and reads in the book he bought at a yard sale on the way. He is enjoying himself. Something new in his life. At least relatively. And not so far away, Lilly is wondering about the hot detective and about having a bullet in her head.

Day 172 in todayís news on an early Saturday, maybe the last one in July of í22, book 31 is typed. Sad news, the narrator is still a lunatic. Anyhow. He is acting, our man in Wyoming, like he is on holiday. And has decided on boots after eating a steak for lunch.

Day 173 What are the chances. The man that is now working on our manís hat and boots was also special forces in the US military. Unlike our man, he would rather make boots than kill folk.

Day 174. Our man has a long walk into the woods to test his new boots. Spends the night first looking into his little fire then into the darkness. He is still undecided about Lilly and leans toward the idea that Lilly would be a crime against life. For she was a true angel. And if the reader does not understand what that means, pay attention. It is one of the things we attempt to expose. For the church is no longer permitted to kill them.

Day 175 Lilly remembers when she lived with Uncle Bob in New York. Or Brooklyn. She met Tanja, a whore with big tits. She worked just below their window. So Lilly watched sometimes and visited when it was quiet. The street girls liked her and Tanja talked to her about life and getting what you want with the selling of your attentiveness to sexual release.

Day 176. Just a little life advice before getting to Detective Jill. She is in the woods watching for Lilly. And then she sees Lilly. Legs open and pissing in the wind. Then Lilly kicks off her rubber boots and runs into the woods. Without much deliberation. Jill runs in after her.

Day 177. Detective Jill ends up in a hut with Lilly and she is not certain how she got there, why she is naked and hanging from the center beam. The wood stove is on so it is warm enough. And He, our man, is also on the farm. Watching for a bit then back to his bed and breakfast.

Day 178 is with Lilly and Jill having some time together. Some primal naked in the sun relaxing and getting to know one another just a little. He, our man, moves to a bigger town to remain a little more an unknown. Still undecided. And Mr. and Mrs. Reaper have come to Wyoming. And Jack is on his way. Not happy. He was still recovering from the divorce. With drugs and a whore. We must note that whore is anything but derogatory.

179 is still floating down river, enjoying life in their heaven. We, however, are watching the story and Sallandrah. He has again decided to kill Lilly but not while she is with Detective Jill. Lilly likes Jill but fears she wonít like what she is. Drama, but not yet. Jack is relaxing a little. And as your humble narrator, I must admit I like Sallandrahís story. We keep on it.

180 close of book 11 of Lunaís Love Letter. He, or Jimmy, thinks he is going to the hut to kill Lilly. He knows the cops are leaving. He doesnít know Lilly has also left a different way. And Lilly tells Jill what she thinks pissed off Roy. She feared it might freak out Jill. Jill was military tough. I want you, Lilly. So there that is. Hopefully they get together in New York. And He doesnít kill Lilly before the hit is called off. Oh. The drama.

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