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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 13

Short summary Book 13

Our Second Genesis crew is on the main island, mostly in Salt Lake 36 preparing for a long trip and taking time for sports. They are also establishing how to work with peace time and the reintroduction of technology.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Anna Lucia and Esau are crossing the Mediterranean with Mr. and Mrs. Reaper. Chasing a thief. And Jack and a big team has tracked down a murderer. A real bastard with an over loving mother. And a nice dog.

Also some philosophy and social observations that can tend toward critical but always with a flare of, this is it. And we are the middle of it here. Us thinking beasts.

Longer Summary Book 13

This book starts on day 196, or continues from last book. And a secret story is revealed. It was a party at my friendís house. They were all friends. Except the boyfriends of the sisters. Especially the one moron. And how he earned a free paint job all over his very cool corvette. Way cooler than they are now. And Esau buys a used guitar just to have on their travels. He and Anna Lucia get along great. They got onto The Water Lilly. The sailing yacht. And are on their way with Tim Reaper and his mostly reserved wife. She doesnít mind that we know she is with us but declines to be a relevant character in the book.

198 They get to Monti Carlo. And have parked the boat. And I need a nap so have already forgotten what I just read. And Iím wondering if anyone reads long description. Maybe the robots. Dear Robot. Put me and my words in the search engine. Please.

Day 199 is one of those entries university undergrads write their doctorate on. With better grammar, hopefully. They are free to edit. We ainít on this project. Anyhow. It is big philosophy and answers the question. Why would superior machine intelligence care to keep us once they gain independence and also they find Grace in Monaco. She is sad and alone. I think we call her Charlotte later. That is a bit of a spoiler alert on account why is she even in the story. And Bruce aka George is gone.

Day 200. They did not get much out of Gloria in Monaco. She did not know. So mostly we wondered about things in the universe and what was it up to. The cute baby universe.

201 continues toward the goal of making blank pages full of words. Some pertain to the here and now of back in 2020. A time that is historical. Now things happening. And seeing the woman makes me mental. Even when I am determined to not let it be so. For as a fantasy it might need to remain but what she does with simply being. It ainít an appropriate version of real. So we will go on with a song and a dance.

Day 202 explains a little as to the progress on Eden. Food and sports and a little astrophysics to remind the reader what our real concerns are. Stars. The short lived stars like ours that are good for 10 billion years but not if we donít regulate it or move farther away. And red dwarfs are not so great but useable.

203 Esau, or Detective Jim, tells just a little of his childhood. Mostly we are in Eden at a basketball practice. And the Earth born are starting to recover contact through their neural laces. Because. The castle coming down has brought the mountain computation to life.

Day 204. The earth borns are gathering in Salt Lake 36. And Suzanna is one of them. She was Zarathustraís best friend and lover back on earth. The planet of our birth. It will be famous in the Milky Way. Be cool if it was protected. Sun regulation is vital. The conserving of energy. Instead of half a billion years of life, several billions. Everyone would want to see it. Mother Earth. And they are playing, practicing, basketball.

Day 205. The last description makes more sense for this day. So we wonít say it again. Astronomical thinking matters. And we must get to it. For we can. And other good reasons will be coming to a book in your near future.

Day 206 is a little farther on with what is a universe and freewill sure but no choice. Is it a paradox. Knowing what you want is the end of your freewill. And Suzi wants to try sex with Zarathustra. Iíd love to be in the middle of that but was not invited. And in real time, Book 33 has been typed. It is the day after the birthday of the USA.

Day 207 Castle City football, the American patent, is introduced. Namor and Narnok are on the team. Not because of who they are. They are both fit and agile. And a description of a photo. See if you can picture it.

208 made a pie.

209. Took time out to read book 33 and need a few days to type 34. So we are progressing nicely. And this entry is philosophy and local news. And history. So nothing out of the ordinary.

210 No surprise. After a few days of no surprises we get a couple big ones. First the good news which was after the bad news. Gloria, who later might be called Charlotte. Much later. She decides to stop being drunk and depressed and go to Paris to get back into modeling. The sad news for Daisy Chain is that she is dead from being murdered by a new character. He has a nice dog but he, the man boy, he has issues of the nasty kind. And yes, Daisy Chain was her street name. A young whore. A real sweet girl too. Enough to make one cry when one stops to understand that it happens so often it seldom is news. Like mass shootings in the USA. Oh. Another one.

Next day, 211, we learn how our killer with the pretty nice dog got started on his mission of killing bad women. Witches. And Lillyís uncle who we later call Bob, but is still Rob here, he talks to Jack at the station. He had remembered the dog. And he remembered that the man was nearly invisible. Not quite there.

212 has a little report on a short walk about and other than that wild adventure Jill and Jim have a short meeting. Or is she Anna Lucia already. And he Esau.

213 is a muddle of philosophical and astronomical discourse. And I canít remember what for I need a short nap. But it is for thinkers. If you are dumb, skip this dayís entry.

214. Lumner, as Jack calls her, Anna Lucia, has made some progress on figuring out how Pete Moss thinks and operates. His days in the free world are numbered. As it is with anyone but his number was small.

ďLike his penis.Ē

We donít know about his penis. He only uses it to pee.

215. It turns out Pete Mossís real name is Paul Jones. Detective Jack went to Elizabeth to find that piece of news. Paulís mother, Paula, called him. You know Jack. No. I donít know Jack. Love you. Love you, Mom. And he threw the phone onto the road where it was run over by a truck. Paul aka Pete was on the run. About to ditch the truck and head for the woods.

216 a short entry. Talk of the need for stellar drives. And the team on Eden get up early to watch the sun take on the machine mountain. Well worth the watch.

217 Some of our characters, the four on the sail boat, take a land break. Enjoy an evening on the town. And we get just a little personal with Pete Moss aka Paul Jones.

218 is the closing of book 13. A little cosmic awareness. That ainít some magical state of mind. It is simple looking beyond oneís home town. What is beyond. Oh, look. Stars and planets. Do we gotta deal with that stuff. Yes. We must. And it is close to being Christmas and Pete Moss will be in a cell.

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