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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 14

Short summary Book 14

If you were assigned this book for an essay or thesis topic, you pissed someone off. As they say. It takes a few tangents and struggles over a few barriers. It does make a few discoveries. And it opens up the gate to let us through to the road to enlightenment.

Just kidding. That needs a few more months of pushing and racing through the abyss. We will get some fun stories on the way to the other side.

And Pete Moss, otherwise known as Paul Jones. Well, it is sad.

Longer Summary Book 14

In between 13 and 14 was Christmas. The 24th in Germany. And I was at the home of friends. Was I noticeably in love. For some, perhaps. So on to the next day.

219 Traditional Christmas day. I am remembering the goddess and how she shines. And we noticed a couple of our characters.

220 she inspires me. As much as she makes me into an idjit. And this entry has a good flow. Jack has Pete Moss in interrogation. Messing with his head about the bad things he did. Lilly has arranged to meet Esau, or do we still call him Jimmie, and Anna Lucia in Goa. She ainít there yet and nor be her people. Her bounty hunters.

221 Barbaralba and Namor are taking a canoe trip on the new river. New that it went all the way to the ocean. They plan to take their time.

222 we find a place to camp, that is the Namor and Barbaralba we, and wonder about instinct. And a few other philosophical questions. There is a bit of a mish mash from the now and the future. The narrator is either confused or in love.

223 Namor does some thinking while enjoying some peaceful time with Barbaralba along the river. Plants, especially trees, the wood, is yet sparse. It is also no longer desert. The land was coming back to life. And Namor pondered about the chances of intelligent life that could do such a thing. Against all the odds. While he looked at Barbaralba and knew she was a goddess.

224 Descendants of the beasts and ancestors of the gods. The human story. Another title for a book. Or essay. Or this love letter. Will there be a time when the gods forget they were beasts. There are those who as humans have forgotten. Or they pretend. Are we to be ashamed. The TV says yes. Most religions say yes. And I, the beast, say no. Our inheritance is 4 billion years of life. We are the beast that we fear. Which is blooming silly. For it is the beast that will inherit the stars. Or as Jesus says, reach out and take it.

225 it is New Yearís eve on Earth. Your narrator home alone. Barbaralba and Namor watch and listen to a piano concert and are also guests of Patricia and Ryan. And in Goa, where we have our five characters, Jimmie, who is the lover of Anna Lucia, an all new thing in his life, they have a nice New Yearís Eve party and Lilly gives Jimmie a serious tongue invasion kiss. Nearly floors him. For she is the boss of bosses. No one says no to her for the word makes no sense when she makes her demands.

226 has Barbaralba and Namor walking into North Bridgetown to visit and party with Hanas. They got lucky and saw a Trip concert. We call them The Blakes later. As in William. If the Doors of Perception were cleansed, man would see things as they truly are: infinite. And you can even ask an astrophysicist to help you see that. When this universe is done, even space time and gravity will all be vanquished. And that is the same as how it was 13.8 billion years ago. ďThrough the circle fast and slow; till forever on it goes.Ē

Took a short break to read book 34. Good fun. And back here on the next day. This entry is digging for a point in a bucket, a big one, of dark matter. Dark matter isnít dark. And we talk of gravity as a thing but is it. Does it really exist. Like the Zen master says: yes and no. Do not jump off building. Space time is bent. And that is it for now. 13th of July 2022.

Next day is the shot gun method, the one with a shell full of salt and shot up in the air over a huge pot of potatoes being prepared for the multitude of Lunatarians come to see the live music and see the end of Pete Moss and love for the galaxy. That sort of thing.

229 a peppering of clever and a bit of anger. With some contact with the people of Eden. A little discussion about sports and Zarathustra informs Barbaralba she has a challenger. She is not so excited but I suspect she will be up for it.

230 Itís tomorrow as I write this little note and I saw the real version of the fantasy today. It was natural and easy. Saw some guy be in love with her. She has too much power. And she is cute. But this entry. It pushes at the edges and in retrospect, Heinzeit, it is becoming evident what is about to come. But we let the reader try figure it.

Funny thing is, I would not have had that nice visit had I not dropped my reading glasses yesterday. And had the one lens not vanished into an alternate universe, what I donít really believe, but itís gone, I had to order new glasses. And so that was how come I was at the friendly store. Top. Have to wait 8 to 10 days to get them. Should be done typing by then. Tune in to find out.

231 is more philosophy and cultural exposure and the sort of thing to piss off the students that have to write an essay on the meaning embedded in the apparently random ranting. Itís quantum. That will help you see it. The it. And Barbaralba puts her opponent down in the first round. Just to show her.

232 It looks to be a bit of a recap. How come your narrator writes what he writes and the woman that has made him into a lunatic and we ainít getting to the story and it almost looks like we ainít being a bible scholar or when do we get to the sex. After a somewhat trying start to the day, we do barge into some clever ideas and get a short story from Sallandrah. And we have a visit with Alexandria and her father and get some clues as to the future. And a philosophical question. If we were the gods, would we want to do this all again. On account it is a great Trip from the deep sea to deep space. In fact. We might want to do it forever.

233 some probing into the idea we are getting to. And the first public train ride on Eden. They, our core crew, take the trip and decide to visit Bridgetown for a concert.

234 is a bit of a panic. Busting through walls and stretching for concepts and that leads to a bit of a branding plan. How to make it a house hold name. For example, people branding their own clothing. If they are sustainable models, we say who they are. And blessed are those who post the name Lunanity and or Lunatarian. Love Life Cult.

235 That be it for book 14. A few words of love and hope and dribble. We are sure that we are on the road to discovery. And that is cool. Gotta make some shirts.

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