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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 15

Short summary Book 15

There is a tendency to a direction that leads to a focus and our crew finally get on the ship to see what might be on the other side of the planet. Because of much random speculation and declarations, we have little information about Esau and Anna Luciaís bounty expedition. We do meet Poopeenah. We make a few cosmic discoveries that open a few more doors that we hope could lead us to an outdoor garden bower where we can look up at the endless sky and speculate as to how to approach it. With love and understanding. And own it.

Longer Summary Book 15

Here we go in the next book. Just read book 35 and 36 will be typed in a day or two. Not sure if I will be happy or sad. Might play some blues. But day 236 is up beat. Even laughed a time or two. Some serious philosophy. Fundamental questions. I donít usually think of myself as the philosopher but that is what I am. And I like taking photos of musicians while they go at it. For they are usually alive and in the moment. Like at the city party last weekend. And my favourite live band, as far as I know, Trip. The triumvirate of love and acid rock or hippie. And Namor and Barbaralba are with their friends in a canoe race.

237 has a few topics that nudge up against social critique and astrophysical philosophy and some nuttiness as well as an introduction to Little Bunny. He will stay with us. And Barbaralba and Namor wanna visit Barbaralba Town and stop at her home town of her birth to visit and kill a shark. Luckily, Artemis was, or wait, Alexandria. I think. She was quick to help. Thank the goddess. My Love.

And entries are getting longer. So I can afford to mention that I picked up my new reading glasses. Nice. And we have a heat wave. Iím trying to not be in love now that there is only a day of typing left. Not including this and the web page.

238 takes a few paths to see where we get to. Poking at concepts and looking to reveal a bit of insight into rooms that had been with little light. And Karnalana takes Barbaralba, Namor, Lexus and Alexandria to a dinner theater. The food is great. And so too the show. And ignore the bit about ostrich. It ainít on the island yet. If it was, it would be real yummy. Donít fry it too long. Gotta be bloody red. Namor is mental in love with Barbaralba. Enough to make one uncomfortable.

239 Like already mentioned somewhere, the Love Letter will not be edited. Two reasons. It would take 6 years and it is given from the goddess. The other holy books what people know, they were supposedly the same. And they likely were not. What we got here is improvisation. There are things I wish I hadnít written but I am not the judge of what is on the clay tablets. As they say in the cult writing business.

240. What a surprise when I discovered everything I typed yesterday vanished likely the same place as the one lens from my reading glasses. I have new ones. And I was a mad typer today and have book 36 finished. So, now just the descriptions to type. We take that slowly. Still spell check and whatnot. So we say it is July 21st for being done typing 1.3 million words is a thing to wonder on. Will anyone read it.

Anyhow. They go bowling in the new building at the top of the hill in Lacuna. And have some fun. And other things but I forget now. My Love.

241 loosely wraps up chapter 35 of Second Genesis. It may be noticed that there is a little exposure to learning physics, history and all those other things. Be a good book for grade 12 students. Prepare them either for life or university. College. Trade school.

And we also get a taste of chapter 36. That is our many ship trip around the world to discover and map. Science and fun. They have just sailed from Port Barbaralba. East until they can sail north.

Next day, a few days on the ship. Namor is working on some thinking and pulling at ideas. And he takes some photos. He has to use film in this part of the story. In our earth story they are also on a ship and make port in Tahiti. Or soon will. Namor was wondering with Sallandrah about what is real about rebirth. How come the Draves simply accept it.

We end book 15 with some clear uncertainty and try short stories and our ship crew is anchored at a river. Taking time to relax and have fun. And we are off to our next book where something is likely to happen. If not, in great detail and some panic.

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