lunanity love life cult by steve howard
Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 16

Short summary Book 16

None of the main stories, and I believe we only have the two going here. The third is much later, after the revelation that if one is watching for details, one will see some kind of focus and direction emerging in what at first glance may seem like mad rambling. However, the stories are tied together and meaning is being painted onto the grand expanding canvas of life. It is us. We are in it, doing it, being it. Never let fear cripple you and hold you from your passion. The show must go on.

Longer Summary Book 16

Day 244 was partly in the last book. So we are still on the beach with the world reconnaissance crew. I may admit I am in love and a secret from our last life. How come and is it all the same.

Day 245 Still a little unfocused but we are introduced to Little Loon. And her mother. Mr. Wolf says hi. A bull moose takes a big shit in the lake and our travellers come to a location that is so beautiful and perfect that they decide to start a town. It is called Narnok Harbour. Some will stay. And there are a few islands to explore and science to do and fun.

Day 246. Some visit the first island, some stay to work on the town hall and a few take a trip to the second island. And it has a bit of a mountain so that there is a river and waterfall. A time in paradise where there is friendship and peace. Like in any fable or religion, what are the same things. A nice fable is told around the campfire over and over and it becomes cult. And cult, when pricks take ownership, becomes religion. And then it gets turned inside out and upside down so that no one reads it anymore and goes online to watch idiots do stupid shit and buy jeans and shoes. And tops.

Day 247 After days on the second island of paradise, we return to Narnok Harbour. We get some philosophy or some kind of babbling about one thing or the other and a kidís story informative astrophysics kind. And it is time for a nap here on Sunday. A band tonight so I must take the day slow. At least that is how we play it here in semi isolation, dread and lonely sorrow.

248 has some speculating, fantasizing and reporting before we take a trip with Poopeenah and land in a land so different than were we are but in some places it is history. With being left in a rusty cage hanging in a dead tree in the wind and rain when fortunate. Otherwise a killing blistering sun. Without shade, itís no fun.

249 It is subtle but the observant reader will see it coming. Something is going to happen. Someone is going to be somewhere. And in the story, the original, Esau and Jacob are born the same time. Just so you know. With a red ribbon.

250 was, or is, was for I just read it, is if you are in it. And the what it is is a wonderful fizz. A happy babbling brook. Catch a fish without a hook. Much speculation and proposed elation. The galaxy awaits our participation. So get up and sit down. Have a good read and let it sink in and pull out. Let it sink and let it float. Then you will start to see what it is that is looking at you and waiting for you to recognize it. Cognize it again and again.

251 To brighten up an otherwise dull day, how about the Clowns live in Studio 30. Man did it stink in there by the end of the wild concert. Fans giving it as much as the musicians. All the way from the other side of the planet. And in our book, the ship is travelling up the coast past the north pole. Cold. And some killer whales, seals, dolphins.

ďAnd bunnies.Ē

And one of the nicer poems that I would like to have to music. We see soon. And a few quotes from Blake. From Heaven and Hell. Brilliant philosophy. Simon brought it for Namor.

252 has our bounty hunters on land in South America. Tim and his wife leave them to it and sail home. Jimmie wants his birth name back. Esau Wild. Joseph agreed to do the paper work. And our exploring crew has made camp south of the permafrost on the other side of the planet. They make a temporary city center. Something else was talked about. Something about us being it.

253 Our travelling ship makes camp farther south and Esau and Anna Lucia are in a hotel making plans and some research. I am sinking into isolated dread. No good reason other than it is Monday and there ainít nothing I wanna do. Could look at photos but I will wait till tomorrow. Let them simmer. So they look fresh.

254 is more bashing about with some of our main characters. We visit shortly a world where the sky is the limit. It is like a glass roof but not glass and there is a crack and when they build a hot air balloon to have a look, they die. And Poopeenah has to pee so they hurry back. And there are a few other details.

255 is the last report for book 16. We have fairly random ranting, a little story telling from different times. The narrator is a hopeless romantic fairytale suicide. Like we mostly gotta be. Does she see me. Can I touch her. Will I ever escape my darkness and blossom in the light. Spread my branches and fly into the sun. That will likely be answered in a different book. Maybe the next one. Or maybe it is a big event and takes some running at it like an old albatross with a 3.6 meter wing span. Smashing at the plastic covered beach in an awkward run at an updraft that will hold it enough to climb up into the clouds to sore into the cold dark night.

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