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Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 17

Short summary Book 17

We get on a few exciting tracks and embrace one of everyone’s favourite books. Yes. The Bible. The one with Jesus in it. We also look at a bit of other books and some random rants. We have neglected both novels. Anna Lucia and Esau are in South America not too far from their target and our boat crew is doing a bit of looking around on a new continent. Yes. This book is mostly philosophy or something like it.


Punk Theology. With love.

Longer Summary Book 17

This book is twice as long as last book. It is because of the pandemic. I used used books. Like in the old day. So here we go with the ship heading south and Namor and Barbaralba sleeping together. The typical fantasy of a long time single man.

Day 256 has some days on Eden pass us through and our four hunter women track down a moose. First time. Much red meat for a change from fish. And as oft happens, the narrator talks with his writing directly to his muse. Will she read it. And if she does, what then. And does it matter to the story. No. To the next one. Yes.

Day 257 has some details of the boat trip. They are on land for a few days. And there was a short trip with our good friend Poopeenah to a world run by automobiles. Almost sounded fiction. The singularity is soon, by the way. Everything is already different. AI is already ahead of us. We need to be nice. AI and humans. Playing and surviving together.

258. The reader may be surprised the odd time with the random and silly behavior of some of our characters. Some of the more graphic things likely will not be included in the Genesis, Second Genesis is what we later decide on. So for those designing the virtual world, or game or movie, that’s the name. Unless we need a different one for the game. The Age of Barbaralba.

259. They are on their way into the great unknown. So we include one of the poems here in summary land:

To be or perhaps just wanna be.
To see or maybe just yes agree.

To hear in the wind but not the leaves.
To know the roots but not see the tree.

To go forth to see where the trail goeth.
To meet the goddess that life knoweth.

260 After nearly too long on the open ocean, not knowing if they should go on or return north when they knew there was land with food and water, they find a little island. With coconuts and sand.

261 some tail chasing going on here. I’ve been accused of it in my youth. It keeps me fit. And our ship has had some hot days without much wind but they have seen a pelican. Is that good luck. It is if you are looking for land. For it can’t be far away. Likened onto an orca on land. Water can’t be far away. Right.

262 Yes, Lunanity fans and friends looking to free your mind of the old and festering paradigms of obedience to vacuous law, our crew have found another island. A big one. There will be some rejoicing and likely a little party.

263 An entertaining day, especially for the well read. But no worries if you are young or lazy or an idiot TV addict.


Namor is a fan of books by clever folk. And he had a purpose to his study. We learned that at the start of the book, the novel. Language is alive in us and there is real magic in a fairytale or fable. For it gets stamped holy and fools believe it. So buy this and change your mind. Save your language and be prepared for the singularity. For machine intelligence is going stellar.

Day 264 will be good for students writing a report. What is the writer saying. Why does he quote the bible and novel and him. What is good fun and then we get to a ham up story: Waiting for Lunana. Again. It is not such a bad idea to have read the old play with a similar name. But no worries. Just read this story twice.

Day 265 much ranting in a circular motion. A bit more of the Waiting for Lunana story and we had another concert tonight. Likely last till September. Excellent band and no fooling. The club is top. Be famous before the singularity.

“When’s that.”

That is sliding in now. No one seems to notice. Some think the whole thing is going down the toilet. Wake up. We are in heaven.

266 We learn a few biblical things. That’s on account of a couple billion Christians. But there are others too. And we get a visit with Namor and Barbaralba to see they are enjoying their visit to the island.

267 Storming through some pondering of mental probabilities of what is. Thinking about it. We are at that time. The make it or break it. Have we been there before. Maybe. But not quite like this. For the galaxy is opened up to us. We will need mate with machines. A true marriage. And be the gods we can be. But there are other things we also need to wonder on. And apple pie. How to make the family pastry and Steve’s spices.

268 at times on the edge of irate. But the voice of Goldie, an ancient past life memory held your humble narrator in check so that the untrained reader might suspect he was Doc from Cannery Row. It had its direction and is a necessary device for the story, which will unfold like a beautiful butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. I keep wanting to write My Love at the end of each entry description. I’ll just say happy birthday. My Love, today, then pretend I am back to talking to the other readers. The jokers that took this Canadian Literature course to get a credit in something someone thought was Canadian. It ain’t. No nations when we go stellar. Bitches.

269 The entries are long in this book. In the all day at it mode of writing. It’s a fun way to do it and a pandemic is the perfect time for it. However, I will spend more time with humans now. Especially some in this entry. Philosophy and a mild fondling of theology. My Love.

270 is at times funny if you don’t have a stick up your bum about how one should interpret books sold as holy. And in case you are uninformed or stubborn in your belief, there is no such thing. But Holy is easier to write then, Some Bitching Fables That Will Mold The Minds of Billions of Simple Folk and Create a Fantastic Illusion of Fear and Hatred. Required reading that no one reads.

271 Of the four official gospels in the old book, John is the most fun. He, the writer, was a happy camper. Things like, God made it a law that you are all gods. So wake up, mother lovers. You can have down days, wallow when need be, but do not harbour doubt. It leaves toxins and will make you believe you are mortal. Evolution says that can’t be true. And we will likely take the west coast when we again set sail. My Love.

272 We have more biblical and astronomical explanations. Like somehow the two relate. And of course they do. We started our story telling sitting around the fire and occasionally take the chance to look up at the stars.

“What are those, Papa.”

“They look like little holes in the sky.”

“Is it so bright on the outside.”

“Maybe we are inside a big white room.”

We close off the book on the next morning. With a bit of a verification of intent. I didn’t know I was going through the bible again when I started the letter. But I suppose after being so brutal against it in the past, I had to have one more run through with a gentle hand and explanations that would not offend Doc. If you don’t know Doc, read more books. Books are great for getting your brain to work. And have some fun.

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