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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 18

Short summary Book 18

Mostly we explain the meaning of the Torah, the books of Moses, as some call it. Not Genesis for he is yet to be born. And he is not in our story till the next book. We are on Abraham up to Esau and Jacob. Does the story matter. Only to half the population of the planet at the time of now. What was not so long ago. At least until the future. Yes. This book is educational and not standard belief, but it is fun and will assist the reader in having some ideas. And ideas are good things to have. Even if the media tells you not to have them. Slavery, even the mental kind, is not a good thing for gods.

Longer Summary Book 18

Day 274 Paul and his letters. We are being really friendly and almost polite. Maybe itís my old age. More likely I have tried smashing it before, now we go with the, I ainít here to do that, I am here to fulfill the scriptures. And timing is the main reason. There is no bigger event unfolding than now. We move from the age of null-sum-gain to plus-sum-gain. The space age is all new. And it gives me the authority to reveal the message of the book of holy writ.

275 We finish the new testament, at least it appears so. And it looks good. The old world ends; thatís with evil empires and terrible television, no, they didnít have television back then. Point is, we have been dreaming of a chance to have what we now have. A go at being gods without chains. Not quite there. Still the curse of debt. Same as chains if you fight just to pay taxes and rent. The sun still shines and some folk are acting like gods. Bless them and cheer them on. One more song. One more story of glory. My Love.

276 was a bit of a nowhere day in a not going nowhere with no specific and missing the passion of biblical terror. Not a pick up kind of entry. But sometimes it is necessary for the narrator to be uncertain and just poke at the blanket of floppy misery that half smothers at the end of the old world. Sliding away into the vast past.

277 It appears as if the narrator was attempting a few ideas to avoid getting to the Torah of the holy scriptures. But let it be known, he likes the book. Might be one of his favourites. And it is a magic chant. Donít tell no one. But if you read it over and over, with the odd look through the New Testament, The Qurían and a few thousand other books.

ďWhat will happen.Ē

Ah. I better not say. Read on to get some clues.

278 takes us into the story before Moses. Not so many details and it is wide open to interpretation. And if you donít enjoy my perspective, try one of your own. Stand on your head and look at it that way. One thing we attempt is to do a little critical thinking. And that is the same as blasphemy. But this is the new age and it is my job to make this story make sense so we can find the key to the last lock to set us free from the mind virus that the bible has been. You will need to think something different. For the world is now different. We need to keep pace. Stay in the race. For the human race is done. We must evolve. Quickly. Into angelic beasts. Take our birthright.

279 Some may wonder if the writer is a tad mad. A little over the hill. Off his rocker. And that is fine. For I often wonder where to anchor the concept of sanity. That reminds me of grade 13 in high school. I asked a friend, and his reply was that I was the sanest person he knew. So, on his authority, we encourage the reader to carry on. For soon we are done with Abraham and get to our best pal, Moses. But not before breakfast.

We also have the end of Chapter 36. And it was a pleasant surprise for your narrator. A good end before the start of the last 6 chapters. To get to 42. And we all know that in 42 is the meaning of life. However. You canít just go there and get it. There is no meaning if not properly primed with all the stories that get us to there. And I jest not. For I have seen them.

280 closes off book 18. A short book. We pass by Isaac and have a short visit with Esau and Jacob. No spoiler alert, but we see more of Esau later. But much. For we have Moses to get to and some modern stories. And of course, our intent for this letter, originally but not exclusively, to find the Barbaralba and Namor story. And we will get to it.

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