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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 19

Short summary Book 19

This is the crazy book. Donít start with it. A panic from start to finish. A venture into the beyond and a look into a bit of eternal. What is God and what can we do with it. The beast and the eternal. How come we have fingers and brains. That is obvious once you understand how stars and other great astronomical bodies function. And for the folk that like astrology. It is not mentioned for it was not realized in the book by the humble mad narrator, the new age, the golden age. Aquarius. The day break.

Longer Summary Book 19

Crap. I hope no one expects me to clarify the first lengthy entry. Book 19, as far as I remember and judging from the first many pages, 282 it was. Letís try a little. It is breaking through. The old world is passing and the new one is pulling us in like a new vacuum sucking up dust bunnies that have been sleeping under the bed. But not into a bag to be discarded. Into a world where dust bunnies are the gods and have all the clover they need and are freed from monotheistic dictatorship. It will sound a little crazy and might not make sense. It will when we return to our story. For it will be revealed that it is revealed. Just need to turn off your phones for 2 days.

ďNo way. We will all die.Ē

283 is a wild romantic fantasy. Beauty and beast thing. And we finish up a bit of the Joseph story. So when we get back we can be serious about Moses. A reminder to the skeptics of no belief, Iím still with you. Still holding to the basic laws of physics. However. Fantasy is what we live by. The world is laced with it. Our names for holidays, week days, months. All fantasy. Kings and Queens. All our titles and roles we play are fantasy. And it might be the best way to play it. As long as we understand our purpose. A purpose, one might ask. Yes. We are the creators. We must maintain first our solar system, details are in the books, and from there, the stars. Not only should we fantasize of being immortal gods, we should play it out. The story is not a limit. Just the next move.

284 is a little shorter. Went for a walk and returned for a bit of a rave. Even a short outburst against Christianity. Not to single them out, for they are all the same. Obey the rules and get into heaven. We are in heaven, already, yes it was not so easy to see it for what it was but bloody well let go of your religious convictions. In most cases, you have no idea, none of your own. Remove the soothing shroud from before your eyes and see it for what it is. Heaven. Hard core and dangerous but easy would be no fun. And physics is, like they say, what it is.

285. One of the rules I gave me when starting Lunaís letter was that, other than spelling, no editing. And that may have been a, whatís the word, premonition or so. That we could get into a little crazy. Like talking to God. Now it ainít like on a chat bot or with words. And we will get to better definitions of the event in a few days.

So yes, it gets nutty in this day, Feb 25th in 2021. And in the ranting is some cleaning of the doors of perception. So read it with an open mind. It only gonna get nuttier the next couple days. On the road to discovery.

286 The make peace mania continues with a bit of focus. Getting a better definition for what God is. What It is. God ainít the best word. It has been too personalized. It ainít a he sitting on a throne. And we are close to the end of book 19. The panic stops all at once. I can tell you that so you donít worry about what happens at the first of the next month. And that is soon. Itís all improvised and direct from the source. The flow. The is of itness. A few billion years of evolution of instinct.

287 Still hysterical and having a jolly trip and getting a picture of what God is. For a scientist, just slip in the word universe. Most scientist have pondered on the idea that it is all information. A big active brain. A crazy wonderful idea. Our excited narrator has seen it and felt what it is. For he was the beast, or maybe still is. And we should save that story for a few days. For the trip is just getting started.

Next two days is more of the same. Crazy bugger chasing the stars with a lasso. So the only thing left is the last few pages for the first of March. The top of the crazy. And a well bent reality.

And one other, most delightful insight. The universe is a baby girl. And we will explain that. The narrator was thinking it was done. And it was, the last bit of the old age.

A little surprise is in store in an hour or a little more.

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