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Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 20

Short summary Book 20

After we deal with the last of The Torah and a few somewhat off the wall speculations and mild incantations, Little Bunny pokes his head into our story, the ship and crew make port in the next city and we, the royal we, take to planting both feet on the ground for the duration. This does not mean an end to madness for it is the nature of the fairytale love letter.

Longer Summary Book 20

Day 290 a few days later. A day was needed for touching down. So back to Earth. And we had a 20 hour walk. A little nutty. Something happened about 22:00 on the first of March. All lined up. And I was the receiver. The beast head. And that was a fine line thing. The world shut down and as still as it has been in many years. The transition from the old age to the new age. A big event that mostly went unnoticed. For no one who says they believe have an idea what that means. For we live in the world of grand illusion.

Anyhow. Some ideas are off the wall and pointless but some need to be thought about. I was grabbing at all of them. We see, you and me, what we can use. Everything is different already.

Day 291. Now we have our bearings and focus some on Moses. Taking it easy and maintaining calm. For I am Moses as I am Esau and Albert and Omar. The beast head is the rep for the story line wherever the story taken takes us.

The point being explained, one of them, is that our 6,000 years of war were necessary. Now if you are a student and have to write an essay, this is a cool topic. For here we are in the space age at the correct time and if we had been peaceful, chill living under the coconut trees, we would not have been ready. Is that just luck or is it instinct. As in we do not have freewill. Another essay topic. If you know what you want, if you follow your instinct, you have no freewill.

Log 292 stays mostly on topic and the topic is mostly Moses. And Moses was mostly about laws and killing people not following them. We get into Numbers so all the murdering is in house. The cool genocide stuff is our last book of the Torah. And we all love that book. For now we will be pleased with getting a quick look at the rules. For ainít nothing more fun than having a religion with rules. It gives believers some framework. An identity. The wearing a scarf on your head thing is still a thing. And oh the attention the beautiful tall blond girl got in the store this morning. The store worker with her hair covered pretended not to notice the men flocking like goats to an apple cart. Was she jinn. I think so.

Day 293 has the telling of a little walk through the city before getting back to finish Numbers. And it is brutal. The killing of Israelites by their own soldiers to keep them in line and despondent, angry and ready for genocide. And that was the deal. Invade, kill all but virgin girls, take all. Make the children into sex slaves. The Torah is brutal. Not recommended for children.

There is a little fun with Balaam. And well worth reading the original. If like me you donít read Hebrew, get the Jewish Publication Society translation. Do avoid King James. He was a miserable bastard. A bit like Moses.

Day 294 After this, we will have war no more. Deuteronomy is just a retelling of laws and chanting to get ready for killing the enemy. But not before the end of the Torah. And we thought we might go on after that but we will quickly leave it for returning to our Second Genesis and a few other stories.

Day 295. We done with Moses and do mention that we crossed the river to take our genocide to the Canaanites. Humans and their genocide. Be good to stop that and try peace. There are advantages to peace. A world of plenty is just the start. There is also waking up to heaven. So many want to die for it yet. When all we need do is reach out our hands and make it be. Fix the shit we broke. Throw off the yoke.

The narrator, next day, is having Bible withdrawal. A little odd, one could think. Especially for a firm nonbeliever in the sanctity of holy writ. But like they say, everyone likes some random references.

297. Short note. Still adjusting and the next day the same.

On day 299 we have a visit with Little Bunny and his friends. And the ship sails the short distance to the northern town to make port. Barbaralba, Namor and Narnok make a little music.

300 was a bit of getting annoyed at Lewis. And the media. I am a big fan of ignoring the media. Iíll ask other people on the rare occasion that I talk to someone. Price of gas came down 30 cents. Got that. But not diesel.

301 Still another short entry. A mental regrouping. After a bit of wild abandon.

302 is about details of some things. The sky is fading to black. And we move on to the next day and the day after that until we are covered in a sea of dust.

303. The word that comes to mind is despondency. It ainít dope withdrawal. Been nearly 3 weeks. Just another dip in the roller coaster of mental mania.

304 some words about things. Just a short now time update. Bloody hot still. They say we get rain tomorrow. And thatís it.

Day 305 is with enthusiasm. Fun time writing and many hours of it so that is comes to the end of book 20.

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