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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 21

Short summary Book 21

The frantic has mostly subsided. Your humble narrator saw the object of his muse a couple times and oh how he does pine. However, we do focus on being unfocused and push and pull at some astrophysical conundrums and philosophical pleasures. And Barbaralba has a fight and we hear about a basketball game. So we are back into life on, or around the home island.

There were other things. Mostly what matters is the flow and visiting various ideas. Enjoying other ways of looking at it.

Longer Summary Book 21

It is the same day as the last book. Just a short introduction and some poetic rambling about The Monk. We will look at him. Day 306 we talk a bit of The Monk but relate it to my own life style. Still mostly a Monk. Next month will be more live music so I will again see some humans. Other than the ones I see at the fitness studio and places that sell food.

Day 307 has a nice flow to it. We get to our story a little. They are preparing to return to the previously known world. Even that was mostly a new thing for Namor. Like most people, Barbaralba also knew little of it. It is a modern world where travel is made accessible to many. Those with a little extra money. And this summer trains are almost free. I just ain’t got nowhere to go. My place in in New Jerusalem. As no one calls it.

Day 308. A pleasant surprise for Narnok at the beach festival to celebrate the arrival of Salt Lake 17’s sailing ship. We could even get to their stories. Too much happening. Such as the world spinning round and round and days whip by like they have no caring for us getting old. But so is evolution to date. The fading and dying part. But we will get over that. Machine Intelligence will help us with the tools and technology.

“So they can make us their pets and torture us for trillions of years. Just for fun.”

“Let us pray to their good sense to be nice. So we can have fun. And sex.”

“You want to have sex with a robot.”

“For sure with a cyborg. For that is what we will be.”

Day 309 has chapter 37 come to an end and chapter 38 a bit of a start. We start with the two ships sailing north to get back to the other side of the planet. Will they stop and have some science, mapping and fun. I think so. But we may miss it. We have other things awaiting us. Some social criticism and suggestions. And there are other stories that have been ignored as we take time to escape the real to see what is outside of our paradigm to feel and reveal.

Day 310. After some explaining of things, including our two ships, we drop in on Esau and Anna Lucia. We had left them in South America before we had our little divine interlude. They found George. And they took him out of his jungle bunker. That will make a great episode when it is shot. I need to be helping with the details. Someone else can write the storyboard, but I gotta supervise a little.

“The villa needs be in the canopy. Yes. They carry him. Like a sack of potatoes. Yes. She, Candy, is a nice girl. We need just a shot or two of her in the pool in her little white wet bikini. Of course Pedro is cool. A cousin. No guns. Yes the cocaine is uncut.”

311 has a good pace to it. After some important life information. Words to inspire one to think. And a short summary of the history of the universe, we have a short visit to see what one boat crew are doing. And our river raft has been abandoned for a canoe. George has his hands and feet back. He won’t run off into the jungle. And we ditched the Monk to visit Liza. The most famous flower girl.

312 This was a memorable day for your humble narrator. I left compelled to leave my cell to visit at the café, like I might do tomorrow. It was a shocking event. And the girl in question shows up and my heart nearly blows. She won’t talk to me on this day. Her friend says hello but the queen bitch has some other message on this day. And there is something about the day for there were many paying close attention. But we must go on.

313 and some more mind blowing discoveries are made as well as Lilly took a trip out to see her Grandmother. George is liking his capture. He especially likes to look at Anna Lucia even if she hasn’t had any hair removal for a few weeks. Pointless and not so simple in the jungle. Maybe it will come back in fashion. “Not if you can’t make money on it.”

Body pimping is a big industry. People spending billions to do what they are told. Slaves to fear.

314 One of the problems with writing is that it is usually a pensive moment of sorrow. When one is having fun, there is something happening. At a club with music. Anyhow. Like I told the beautiful woman at the Scientology recruitment center on Yonge St. one Saturday night. I don’t mind being depressed. In fact, I like it. I get my best writing done.

Day 315. I forget. I remember reading it just now. And we mentioned the Aaron story. I still like it. We might fix the silly spelling mistakes. The same ones my whole life of writing. Except for a few words I know now. But the mixing up stuff still happens. And in the now time it is Friday. And I haven’t had fish for, since I was up at the sea, when was that. But first, a short nap and some toast.

Day 316. The poor narrator is so in love with the young woman. It is not good. It can only bring sorrow. But there is story telling. Some in the Amazon. George mostly enjoying being a prisoner. And our ships get back to Barbancor. It took them longer than it took us. The Old Priest came out to meet Namor and told him he intended to lock him in prison until he told his story. What is a bit funny on account it would be the second time. However. The wars were history and I could go out but will mostly not for in September, that in a month from now, there is live music and I would like to start putting this online. At all the fine book stores. So if you have a favoured one, look there. But smashwords and I don’t do the big one everyone knows about. And why. Can’t say here. Not using no cussing on At least we try.

317 We talk to the girl directly, as we often do, about some events. And had a good talk with one of my angels. We did each other good on that day talking about the universe being alive and a baby girl. God ain’t an old man with stupid laws. The topic was the pope saying don’t be homosexual. So they be leaving the church. Good. Get out. And you don’t need a membership to an institution to get into a place you are already in. For there is no other place. This is it. Heaven and Hell. We decide how to play it.

318 Some talk of someone’s book. Banks. And the universe and the condition of the narrator in the pandemic time. As the days go by and everything seems to be fading. The pleasure of tedium. And if you have been in war or desperation and troubles of any kind, you get to like a bit of tedium. It will mean turning off your smart phone. “No way. I will die without it.”

319. A slightly unusual day for I went for a walk to the café and you appeared to me, you is the subject of the Love Letter. And it was gentle and divine. You are in control in such a way that you remind me of my this life grandmother. Enough that I tend to see you as her. Loving and brutal. On this day, brilliantly gentle. Like a loon landing on a calm lake in a national park.

320 a bit of philosophy tangled up in physics and that question no believers wants to notice even if it is in their book that they claim is their book. What happens to the people when they let go of their ancient fears of knowing and take the tree of knowledge and work it. The priests will not allow it, you say. Of course not. For those who know need not believe.

321 Some ranting and raving about belief, what a surprise. And Barbaralba fought the woman that she hammered in the first round before they left. She had been training hard and lasted into the 5th. TKO. And this time she wanted a hug. So the crowd liked that.

322 is a day for speculation of the past and the future. It was also a little unusual for it was a Sunday with a visit. With the family. “But you wanted to see me.”

Yes. I am crazy. But soon it will end. This will be over and I’ll buy me a friend. A robot for vacuuming and conversation. Hugs and kisses. Not long now. Maybe my retirement present to myself.

“With big tits.”

323 is the last of the book. Some talk of love and the universe. From there we move on to the adventures of book 22.

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