lunanity love life cult by steve howard
Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 22

Short summary Book 22

A pleasant roller coaster ride through emotional highs and lows. Some elation, some minor blows. Free flowing prose and a peppering of poetic wit and barrels and buckets of philosophical wisdom that goes beyond the common paradigm of the present. Yes, the new world is opening up at our command. So do take part and mold what you can of the future. For it looks likely that we will all be in it. Serving the creator by doing our own will, what we want, for we are her, the goddess that is life. Goddess is life. And we are the head and hands.

Longer Summary Book 22

Like it is the tradition with a new book, there is the tone of introduction and a proclamation or two. And as is the nature of the love letter, some philosophical or social not so political banter. And then we go to bed. The singular we. What if they should read these books and have some thoughts like what is and accept that they are the gods to be the caretakers of the nearby galaxies.

324. We are getting back to longer entries. The objective to finish the pen on paper writing by the end of the year. We did. Then we had a month to draw covers. Then we typed the one and a third million words. Now we are back to pen on paper for the summaries. They be for Smashwords for the readers that want to know. And we will put them on The story continues. And the sun is on the balcony and it is not hot today. So let us take a little sit in.

325 has a nice gentle flow. And as usual from one topic to another. Having a look in on various characters. Maybe admitting to mad love and talk of instinct and beastly things. Things beyond the grand illusion. For most, impossible fable. Like our holy fairytales that tell us how to be and see.

326 has some story telling and love singing to the goddess. We might gotta get a new pen on Monday. I almost went out today but my stomach was a bit off, okay now, I could go now. But I wonít. Hiding out and reading through the books. Will do more later. Also washed my fitted sheet and it is back on my bed. That is how fresh the air is. Have window open a little for a little clearing of the atmosphere. The whole week is to be like this. I may go out for a walk. And the entry has some other things in it.

327 does not stray from the, shit, whatís the word. And we talk of a few things and remember some. And ignore the pandemic. Ignore the news. For it is shit to clog up the fan and muck up the doors of perception. My Love.

328 Some more words in such a way as to evoke some various directions of imagined perception. The tale will lead us. Take hold of our imagination and open up possibilities that make our wild dreams part of our story that plummets through the raging real that promises to reveal all that can be known. And how we can use it to be true gods. And responsible fishers.

329. Just noticed some kind of day confusion. Next day is marked 340. Thatís just sloppy. Not sure why or if we can fix it. Maybe no one notice. I didnít. And this was a Sunday, this entry. So sad and random. Like it is here but for this day is just starting and I will cut open a grapefruit. Not sure what is going on, then or now.

340 for some reason. No worries. Much physics and speculation. And again we give an explanation, the quantum way of seeing and perceiving. Abandon the yes or no. And embrace the maybe, not likely, perhaps, or looks like it might be. For the only thing we know for certain is a nap.

Day 341. Though we missed 10 days and two more soon, it might be almost right on account of how we started what now seems so long ago. And I will read it all at least once more for the short summaries. Just a few words to sum up one book. This is partly to find spelling errors. But it is to communicate with a potential reader. It has to say something along the lines of, holy cow, the universe is a baby cow. Take a look and do it now. It is a mad and frantic look over the edge into the abyss just to see if there is another way of looking at it.

342 entry has some brilliant physics. Well worth an essay. And I went for a walk today. First for weeks. Iím trying not to be in love for it seems crazy. At least without the physics of the singularity and AI about to crash the getting old code. Some say dig it. Enjoy getting old. Men can grow tits. Balls hang to their knees. Young women look the other way. Doesnít happen yet. But I am a wizard. So I can make them watch me. But it wonít last without next level medical intervention.

ďVagina juice.Ē

Day 345 or so. And some more inspired by crazy love improvised physics and philosophy. A little visit with Little Bunny and Mr. Wolf. And we are near done book 22.

Day 346 is the classic inspirational entry, like when at the end of Jaws, the first one, three little sharks swim passed the camera. Or book page. In our case, love and the world is for us. And we are the godís balls.

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