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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 23

Short summary Book 23

We make some progress in our two story lines but harp on about the present and silly love proclamations that are fantastical unless we can fast forward medicine technology. And it is happening. And so is the virus in October 15th of 2022. But everything is still open and we have big shows at the studio this weekend. Best get tickets online for Motorjesus and Not Available. Goddess bless us.

Longer Summary Book 23

We open with 346 on the topic of finding a topic and how nice it is to have a universe to do stuff. Imagine the universe was to vanish and you and your cat were the only two things that remained. Caught on the lip of forever but unable to move. And without a universe there is no sound. Just like in deep space. Which means you donít know if your cat it trying to catch its breath, what wonít happen in a trillion years or more. Or is complaining about hunger.

347 has a dark tone to it. It also has a pleasant pace and takes the reader along a gentle trail of introspection and contemplation. And my neighbour below has a game with a fucking cello loop. Over and over for the duration of the life of a fruit fly. Makes me think of Bruce. If I had a rocket launcher.

348 is a little silly with love on account of a planned meeting with the woman. Not sure if someone shit. I forgot to get a couple pens in DM. Went with that as a concept. But they had no maple syrup. Why not. Is Canada at war with Russia or China. Can we stop with this bloody war horse shit. Enough with idiots rule. Stop. And now I forget. Oh. Saw her. Purple training sweater to show off figure. Jesus help me.

349 is talking direct to the goddess in the flesh and some story and some speculation and verification on some topics of no one is interested but could be.

350. Bloody door slamming day. Made me angry but later had a nice outing. And here in the now, your brother, father and me over for a late night meal. A nice surprise what happened by luck on account I saw her at the cafť and she wanted to say bye to your brother who is off to visit places in Europe to celebrate the end of high school and now I have to work on coming into sleep mode. My Love.

Shit. I forgot I was not talking directly to the subject of the love letter.

Day 351. 351 reminds me of Brentís Mustang. But it does not drive through our story. Other things do. Barbaralba is practicing her scales and I was bitching about the door. I have it under control the last few days. I better eat some toast.

Day 352. We ended up forgetting Janjaís name and called her Jena. We pronounce it better later. Barbaralba was teaching her how to shoot fish under water. And they were having fun visiting Barbaralbaís home village. It is not far from Bridge Town. I would visit my parents more often if there wasnít an ocean between us. And other things.

353 Some questions to wonder about. Such as, how important is hate, rape, murder and slavery to our development as a species. Do we still need to create an enemy. How long must we put up with insane dictators. Can they not be removed, put in a cage that is hermetically sealed and a web cam set up so when people are bored with the media they can watch, in silence, dictators in a glass box pointing at each other and either yelling of making empty proclamations that are lost to the abyss.

354 It looks like Bridgetown will be the place to be for our friends. Artemis is still in Anamata but plans to come. So too The Old King and Sallandrah. There will be a basketball team soon. The hockey fans must wait. Still no arenas with ice. We can do ball hockey. And we will be happy soon. After a day or two of being blue. What will happen. I donít know. Till forever on it goes.

Day 355 Well we got to it. Namor has gone next door, or yard, to shoot some pucks with Alexandria. He picks it up quickly. Alexandria is a good teacher. Mostly a relaxing day for them. And George transfers some money back to the investment company. Then they fly to Georgetown and Anna Lucia and Esau have some no holds barred sex. After Lilly communicated to say good work.

Day 356. Left the house and things happened. And we wonder about things and read another book. Life happens. Over and over. Sometimes it is nice to not think about it. Just look at it. The things in it. Such as a plant. Growing in the sun. And look at someoneís bum. For the universe is just getting started.

Day 357 Some ups and downs can be noticed on some days. This was one of them. But it is how it is. As they say. Sometimes it results in some funny moments. After it is done and one reads it years later. And Artemis is at last on her way. Alexandria runs to meet her as a surprise in North Bridgetown. So Barbaralba invites Lexus over for a fake ship night.

ďWhatís a fake ship night.Ē

Ah. They camp out on the balcony and watch and smell the ocean. And after a hot chocolate, cuddle on mats.

Day 358 was a fun and wild day of raving on and on. We get a good dose of physics and some speculative philosophy. And some of our story. But let us take just a moment to remember this. There is no such thing as metaphysical. Ainít saying your God ainít real. Saying either he, she, it is, or it ainít. What also means we gotta be able to detect it. Or should be able. With a magnifier. And peace on earth. For war and predators locked in zoos causes too much interference. And war sucks.

359 brings us to the end of book 23. We let the edges get a little stretched and there is a bit of snarkiness in the telling of some of the characters involvement in intimacy. It is all in good humor. No one gets hurt. Maybe Esau gets; I was going to say fucked out of his mind but we are keeping that kind of talk for the love letter that tempts some lighthearted flippant, what. Whatever. Love is driving the narrator mad. Luckily he is better now.

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