lunanity love life cult by steve howard
Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 24

Short summary Book 24

This is the last of no space age and ice hockey on Eden. There is some crazy talk about the girl who is the inspiration for the narrator. As is usual, we plow through philosophic insights and physics. Sex for entertainment. Just a little. Warm up to it for the final sex festivities to make everyone forget what they might have wondered about. For no one wants to change the way they look at it. Unless they have given into the idea that being the gods might be pretty cool. My Love.

Longer Summary Book 24

Still 359 for the start of the book. A little explaining as way of introduction. A reminder for dedicated lunatics and greeting for those coming in late. Having read the other books already, I can guess why someone might want to take the last 12 books on their device on holiday.


Not telling. I also won’t say what I like where.

Day 360 is a lengthy entry with some exciting writing. Excited about a sighting of Little Loon. So we touch on a few topics. As any reader of the other books would know. Physics, philosophy, love, social observations and a few other insights about life and tips on how to use your brain to think a few thoughts. In the present we have Friday morning and time for breakfast. Some music to cover up the cello loop of the woman below.

361 Sounding a little like a teenager in love. All a little nutty. Like a proper fairytale. In the future it will be an old fable. Like the Qur’an or the Bible. People read it, well, maybe, but if they do, they will wonder, is this madness or is it true.

“Or true madness.”

It was the 1st of May and I went to church to see Little Loon do some satanic ritual. Most people don’t believe that ritual worship is satanic so just ignore that comment.

362 was a long rave, page after page of speculative outrage and bland expectation. Not too much story but boundless glory. And the narrator is nutty about the little girl. Love is madness; there is no doubt. It is better I stay in and never go out. Land in the mental ward. Locked in my room, pulling my cord. I can’t remember what it was about. I enjoy the trip of the words but when I leave it to come back to now, it seems so removed from that holy cow. Bitch.

Day 363 is a little gloomy. Much speculation as to what is. What is the narrator to do and when does the world start. Why was he born with a broken heart. Not true. The first few years were cool. Before he became conscious that he was the fool. The one that could see but not understand or know what would possibly be a useful thing to do. And why do people pretend to believe what they say they believe and that is not what we were on about. Just we gotta say something until we get our characters doing something besides just hanging around on a ship.

364 The narrator was on the fly on this day. The books are taking on some speed. A sailing through ideas and concepts and fun to read and maybe laugh. Maybe wonder about what one thinks about one thing or the other. And Barbaralba and Namor get to Barbaralba Town. Some ideas may make it to the novel. Most won’t. Just for Luna’s love letter. Help prepare her for life. Or anyone else that takes time to read the bitching and wisdom of the philosopher king.

365 should be a year by most calculations but we messed up somewhere. Likely didn’t write every day at the beginning. A gradual start until one has ones writing legs. Like a basketball player throwing hoops. The first month or two a few. The sky today again is blue. Sunny and hot. Not yet. We still have early morning. I am wondering if I go out for a walk. And if you read day 365 you will see why it was not mentioned.

“A big secret bum licking.”

366 is a word invention adventure. A look in a book about how to write poetry. We undertake a few lessons with perhaps a bit of flippancy. We discover some nice words and make a Carrollesque like poem. And Barbaralba has a fight, yes she takes it to the hilt. Some blood is spilt. And it is the first televised sporting event on planet Eden. As far as anyone knows.

So let us sacrifice a grapefruit to appease the gods of hunger.

366 The second one. We fix that somehow. Is more inspired improvising just for the reader’s pleasure. The writer may be suffering. Knowing that his muse is forbidden fruit and well out of reach. So is it with the mad artist scraping at the diamond surface with broken fingernails trying to get a chink for a look to the other side.

367 gets a few things worked out such as what is a universe. Does it have feelings if a human looks at a tree in the forest and says: This is way cool. Is that the Bunny.

368 That is the conclusion of book 24. Also the end of the pre space age. On Eden. We know now that we are the brains and hands of the goddess. We must listen to her and know that the stars need our attention. Sounds astronomical for the small minded TV junkies. And it is. It is what we must do because we can. First creatures we know of with the understanding and capability. Reaching for the stars must become travelling to the stars. Starting with our own. And that has started. A machine has visited for a close look. That is wild space age. A round of applause for those that made that happen and the other in space events.

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