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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 25

Short summary Book 25

If the reader is of a relaxed, take is as it is given, made, nature, there are places where one can laugh. There are places where one must ponder to comprehend, and the narrator hopes the reader doth invest the effort to think some other thoughts. The main, the underlying thesis is instinct. What is it to us. How can we use it to our full advantage. Yes, it means cutting out some of the shit storm we call the media. Or the older version of that brain drain, religion.

Oh how they are offended when they hear Jesus say they listen and do not hear. Look and do not see.

My Love.

Longer Summary Book 25

We burst into book 25 on the same day. A little into the future so that we have an ice rink. Sure, we can cover the ice for a concert or MMA fight. And we give a bit of an introduction and having the book written now, I can tell you, the potential reader, some things gonna happen. More than philosophy, physics and phucking.

“What, pray tell, is phucking.”

Log 369 had a wish to walk with the girl, the subject, on a beach with feet in the water. The kissing did not happen but we were at the same beach. And we have Alexandria’s ice rink. And some other things. And this pen is better. My Love.

370 is a good bit of ranting and raving. Some of it poetic. Most of it in a flow and always on the go. Enlightenment and sacrament. And to top it all off, for it was perhaps an open rave from Namor, we go to see Barbaralba’s first piano concert. Oh what a performer the woman is. She takes control of the music and makes people feel the pain and the hope and striving for heaven to be real and in the now. And that, after all the brutal evolving, is the point of it.

372 Was, or let us say is for that is the magic of the written word. It becomes a real imaginary thing. It can play out in your mind as you read it and seem as real as the other thing you might notice later. The last day before the next birthday. And that’s usually a little sad in a pandemic. We see. For the next day need not wait. We will take a short nap, however.

373 was my 61st birthday. That was back in 2021. We have the middle of August now in 2022. Well into the future as defined by the past. For now there are rocket ships being built. Soon big ones fly off to the moon and then Mars. That future thing. Sad that David Bowie can’t witness life on Mars. Will they take musical instruments. Or a 3D printer. Good to have some of them. And I got to see you and the family for an evening meal.

374 Luna is mentioned a couple times in passing. Passing from the past into the future. A big event that because people are focused on media manipulation goes unnoticed. How does it matter that we have moved from nowhere in relation to anywhere to just a little farther along the never ending song. Well, it is a new age. I don’t know if I figured it out in the book, but officially. We are out of the last one, I really ain’t sure. Goat or bull rabbit. In Aquarius. Just a name. But it is our story and words are what make it. The golden age. The plus sum gain. Enlightenment. Artificial, as in machine, intelligence. All new under the sun, King David.

Day 375 we return from Salt Lake 18 to visit Salt Lake 36 and spend a day and night in the village. Visit the Old Man’s soup kitchen. He is not there. Shop is. And they stay at Zauqir’s hole in the wall. Namor gave up his place a long time ago. They are so seldom by the castle that is mostly no longer the castle it was.

Day 376 and we, the Eden people, are in a big canoe on our way down the canal. Some fishing and fun. And other things. Namor talks to some people about a goddess telephone. Some, most, call her god. At least the Earth people here. The last 6,000 years. A scary story. Anyhow. It is a receiver more than a sender. For we are this part of the goddess. If, when, we have a biosphere collective, why we need peace, we can hear what is correct.

Likened onto a slow motion, constant and vast, quantum computer. Or a wide open, never ending brain. And we, the biosphere, if we let it and wish it, can be the focus. A point of much matter. Any scientists out there.

377 Namor is at the university in Bridgetown explaining what we just did. We are the biosphere and we are in her and she is in us. It is all a thing in a thing. Was there a thing in the bible like that. A wheel in a wheel. Some thought it meant aliens. Not blooming likely. But maybe someone understood it was a thing folding and turning into a thing that was the thing and is the thing and we are in it and are it.

And they came to take Namor from his talk so he could go to a hockey game. On ice. No big league yet but real ice.

378 gets to the topic of memorable shits. We talked of the shit after the mountain goats so we give the island shit a short mention before a short visit to the fruit loop inspired, fueled, shit in a Christian toilet.

“What is a Christian toilet.”

Day 379 has a hockey game. We don’t get to see this one. Partly because the men, the coaches, are having fun with Hanas. And The Old King and Namor talk some astrophysics. And Anna Lucia is helping Jack, electronically, for she is far away, to track down the dildo killer. Not one of the street girls. An old lover.

381 is the last entry for book 25. Lilly flies to Zurich to take control of her hired bounty hunters. Sometimes the narrator gets mixed up. Can’t remember what character is kissing what character’s parts.

Here in the now it is a holiday. What is silly for I was prepared to buy food after the fitness studio. Unless the pandemic forces them to close, they are opened. So after a nap, we will wonder about food reserves. It is the 15th of August. Why is that a holiday.

“Your one third birthday.”

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