lunanity love life cult by steve howard
Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 26

Short summary Book 26

Another fun run through a few story lines. Almost got to see a rocket test flight. We have at least got to the start of the space age. And some Eden ice hockey. The bounty hunters have finished their first big mission. Big payoff. Some love declaration and more science of the biological, physical and astrophysical kind. Might be a little rant on belief. A little blasphemy.

Longer Summary Book 26

381 in the next book. As tradition demands, and we do pay attention a little at the odd time to tradition, we start with a general introduction to explain what the purpose of the love letter is.

ďMy ass.Ē

And other parts, obviously.

382 is not for believers who are easily offended. Most are protective of their belief. Especially those who know the least. They will wear a cross, make motions to show they praise god. But will they take time to learn what they claim they believe. No. Almost no one has a clue. And yes. They make me angry. Pompous morons. Alas. If you are a religious idiot caught in a rigid paradigm you will be offended. At least you should be. If you, on the other fin, have some education, you may find it all rather funny. Be the latter.

Is it day 383. We will see. Much speculation and fantasy about a girl. All a little tragic with so many women out there in the real world. But a hermit monk doth abandon reality to create a fable that has the magic to mold the future.

Maybe that was 384. But so is this. Just that was 26th and this 384 is the 27th of May. And now it is next year. And soon the year after that. And eventually the big religions will be put in the myth category at the forgotten libraries and this will be your New Age Religion. It will still be a cult. But so are all other religions. Here, however, we will remind the reader, oh let us pray there are some, is reminded, we said that. Donít forget not to believe. It is a necessary part of taking in the world. And oh, my friend, that is changing mighty fast.

Anyhow. The next day we escape from the weight of tedium locked in a home holding pattern to visit Eden. There we are at the town of Barbaralbaís birth. She and Artemis each kill a little shark. My Love.

385 was a day of revelations. As are most days. And something almost happened. Some oral sex just as a little fun for Namor. Help him concentrate at the game.

386 includes a fun little story in a Chinese restaurant where you can eat owl. Donít do that. Stick to chicken and grouse. And we will get to lab grown meat. No brain, no digestive system. Just meat in a vat. Does it have nerves. Like a tomato. And I would like to have a sound barrier between me and my neighbours above and below. The one below is a video addict. And the games usually have a short loop. Over and over. Can you fuck off. Itís nice and sunny.

387 is likened unto sailing a luxury boat with a fair wind in the sails and a top cook in the kitchen, lover by your side, other lover having a little rest and you are in no hurry but have a good direction. Likely a Namor rant for the novel. Anyone interested in ideas about gravity. And some other multi directional ranting what is how the goddess guides the humble narrator. My Love.

388 is another day where we had a few things to say. Everything but our stories. Physics, philosophy and inspired wisdom from heaven. Can I make that claim. Sure can. Everything is heaven. Just some other word for universe.

389 I forget. Oh. Namor noticed Janja was teasing him but thatís something young women do. See if the men will look. And speculate. Happens at the fitness center. Iíve seen it in bars and clubs. In the streets. At shopping malls. In the sweltering heat of a desert beach. So to celebrate this ancient custom, I will have a nap and lament.

390 is a short ramble down where are we going lane. Next to the what is happening boulevard. Jesus and Esau save us from this mad lack of interaction.

Well, My Love, 391 is a lot of fun. We get some story telling in the mix. And maybe a laugh or two if you are relaxed and let the words take you on a trip. And that is the idea of a book. Even the holy books. The stories are a ride. When you put down the book, you put your belief aside. Them be the rules.

392 takes us on a little wander through somewhere. And there is some confession of love. How tiresome. Poor fellow.

393 is more of the same but a little different. We be coming to the end of another book soon.

Perhaps we fall short of making sense on day 394 but we make up for it with poetic light hearted babbling. So we will now finish the book with tomorrowís entry.

395 is the close. Not a classic close. No mention of anything too grand. They are on their way to Space Port. To see a test flight. And the rest of it.

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