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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 27

Short summary Book 27

The pace remains accelerated. In our Eden story we are getting close to serious space age and living mostly in Bridgetown. Sports and music. There is some talk of what we call the real world. That can be argued when we have some time. After we get medical updates. Lilly has taken Esau on a little sex holiday to celebrate bringing George back. Him and her money. Not all hers. And Bunny is still pining, even now after the book is written and typed, over Little Loon. But the fairytale must be told and sold and we must be bold and take over the stars. We are the star people.

Longer Summary Book 27

A real short intro that was still the last day of the last book. So on we go for a full day of reporting here and there.

396 is a sailing through the mire and an atmosphere much higher. In and out, up and down, we are taken round and round with bitching and inspiration. To top it off. Jack is at the airport to arrest George on his arrival. Lilly takes Esau on a trip. We see in the next bit.

397. Some philosophical, the word has abandoned my frontal lob. There is it. Apologetics. Fun with logic. Get the brain to look at various sides of the thing. The thing is life in a universe with so little of it in the delicate form we have. And to burn all the coal and oil is a fuck off to the insurance of the future should there be a disaster. Likened unto machines killing us when they know that if there is a disaster, supernova or stock market crash. They need humans to make new machines. And humans need fossil fuel to jump start another industrial revolution. Save fossil fuel and humans for to keep the future a little more secure.

“And we talked about sex in the bum of Lilly.”

398 Some sky talk with Namor and Barbaralba. They take the canoe out at night to look at the stars and wonder. Namor did most of the talking until his goddess fell asleep in his arms in the canoe on the calm lake not far from the machine mountain and all the people who lived just out of sight for a night.

And 399 has a spot of philosophic ranting and speculation about what is it. Are we holograms. Or lizards pretending to be us.

400 has Namor and Barbaralba back at Lake 18 for Barbaralba’s title fight. She had fun. And so did many other folk. I’m gonna have a short nap.

401 was one of Canada’s first 4 lane highways. That does not pertain to the story but that I went to London and back to Toronto on it many times. Sometimes in a Bus or a car. Hitchhiking sometimes. And the entry is again inspirational babble and a little bit of story. We will soon be almost all story. To catch up before the end.

402 is mostly rambling fun. Poking at a few ideas like a mad philosopher might. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad. And. Esau and Lilly are taking it easy like your humble narrator likes to dream but it has been a long and lonely time in this monk cell.

403 continues down ramble road and a few insights are told. And if you don’t die young, you grow old.

404 has our crew farther south. They set up camp early. Namor was staring at the sky from under some trees and said to any who were nearby. “A cluster of solar thrusters.” And that is a grand idea. For any civilization with a finite star. They all are. And we need them if we want to keep planet Earth for another several billion years. And that part of the fairytale, like many other things Namor says, is right true. A thing we must do.

405 things progress a little. No one is in a hurry. Lilly teaches Esau how to play June bug tennis. “What is June bug tennis.” What I want to know is if anyone has tried it and how did it pan out. And I suppose one could use badminton rackets. Maybe with more success. Tell us at or some other thing. And photo proof.

406 is a bit of a manic in a hole trip. Too much isolation. Still in the future that is now. Getting close to the end of summer of 2022. Soon be time for live music and live humans. Of course there are some at the fitness studio and I could go for a walk. Tomorrow and tomorrow speeding by day by day to the last scream of forgotten time.

407. The narrator has recovered his sardonic cheer again and we get some ranting and a bit of story.

408 I don’t remember. What I remember is not remembering something like this long ago. Maybe even in a dream. We did write something. Oh. Teeth. Was a Sunday. Not a good day. But new teeth the next day. My Love.

409 Finally have my teeth. A short report on this day. Mostly on planet Earth. We do explain the world some.

410 The rocket test. Not the first but the first to send the unmanned capsule around the planet. The booster exploded but after separation. Minor detail we fix the next one. Oh. Barbaralba killed a shark. For a party.

411 and 412 are typical ranting and speculation and what do we do about the girl and it is bloody warm here in the summer time. If I was rich and had a Tesla Roadster, I would go visit the ocean for the clean breeze. Or up in the mountains where the snow doesn’t melt. Alas.

413 is a happy rant and some philosophy or something like it and it ends book 27 and gives great hope to grow. In our life goals, the general biosphere, and the next book.

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