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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 31

Short summary Book 31

We continue with our novel and our bonus story and as it sometimes happens, a new story is suddenly there like mushrooms busting out of the damp earth. It is the story of the famously ignored in The Torah Esau. Brother of Jacob. The most famous Israel. We even have a country named after Esauís brother. And now we have the telling of the other brother. Esau of the Wild. And the return of the regard for the biosphere that is our goddess in the real.

Longer Summary Book 31

Still 467 for the narrator. He still goes on and on to Luna. His muse. His raisins in his bran. Or however they say. And we are in the space age again on Eden. For real like here it is about to get a kick start. NASA back on a moon fly by on Monday. We see.

468 sometimes when one is busting through the bramble, one passes through a magic hole in the space time continuum and lands in a dusty little farmerís community where we find Lovely Little Luna and a boy called Esau. And there is a story waiting to be told. This was such a day.

469 Some news from the past and there are robots on the near moon of Eden. Some predictions of the future of machine intelligence. Something happening in real time. And Mark Williams is in prison for 25 years. His doctor is a friend of the Jews. And tortures him with drugs.

470 Who would have guessed. Luna the Most Beautiful took full advantage of her charms and dominated Esau of the Wild under the olive trees after temple. Back then there were still no proper preconceptions about how to conduct oneís self on a first date.

471 The two lovers of the past, the untold story of the brother of the inventor of the Jews, and the true goddess, Luna the most beautiful. They like sex and sharing lunch on Mount Olive. And Lilly talked old clients out of fossil fuel investments. For there would be no supporting the murdering of trillions of trillions of babies for the sake of short term profit. For that is insane.

472. Barbaralba is close to the time for her baby. In the new ancient story, Luna the most beautiful is having some fun with Esau. And Lunaís sister asked her to ask Esau to buy, as in marry, both of them. And hockey season on Eden.

473 More of the similar except Esau has a talk with his father. And they talk of the descendants of Esau. Those who know the fable story know Jacob stole the blessing from Esau. But it is also math. For as many as the stars at that time meant a million or two. Our galaxy has 300 billion, give or take a 100 billion, and even that is possible. Given enough time and if we get to other stars.

479 Has us in the relative now and a bit in the back then. And if the van works or your mother gets your uncleís car, we be up to get you in a few days. The real you. Not quite like the fantasy you. Just as cool. Just no face sitting action. Oh, well. We see what the singularity brings. The machine intelligence one.

475 Some more education from Luna and a bit of social time. And a rocket launch from Eden. And in real time there is one from Florida tomorrow. First time in 53 years. Going to the moon with Artemis. Big day. We will report just a little.

476 Namor does most of the work on their little trip down river. They are on their way to Barbaralbaís home town. No hurry. She has a few more days before giving birth. Esau of the Wild meets Ruth and the brothers at Temple. We have Jacob younger in our story. In his tell, they were born the same day.

ďIs that with sticking out his hand to grab a red ribbon.Ē

Fables can be rewritten to be more fitting to the new age.

477 We spend some time with Barbaralba and Namor. And talk of the moon. And Luna and Esau. We seem to be ignoring Lillyís story. For how long. I donít remember. But we get back. There was a bit of a Sunday in there. So this night be 477.5. Too late to fix.

478 We are back in Barbaralbaís home town. We went to the island to watch the ocean and on the way back, Namor and Russam killed a small but fit shark. There will be a party.

479. It happened. Barbaralba had her beautiful baby. They called it, wait for it, a child to take the hearts of all she meets, yes, Luna. For something different. And Luna and Esau of the past are planning on building a big wagon. To live in.

480 I donít remember. Nothing major. But Namor has to go to Bridgetown for a hockey game. He will return after the game.

481 This is a happy day. Mostly Esau takes Luna to see the grandparents, Sarah and Abraham. After Abraham gets good drunk, Sarah tells the story of Amamamabamba, Esauís true grandfather. This is sneaking in some bible history. Donít tell the kids.

482 Esau and Luna returned from their visit. Each with two goats. A little present from Abraham. There will be more. After the marriage. Ruth reminds Luna that she wants to be co owner of the beast.

483 Some speculation about how what is and what will be. Luna explained to Ruth how everything will be all right. We are the gods even if a little daft and too trusting.

484 We are on planet Earth with my little report of events of minor interest but for understanding life in the middle of Europe during the pandemic. Though I tend to ignore the news. And Tim Reaper was talking to a client.

485 A bit of the overlap of whatís in the bible with Isaac dying after giving Esauís blessing to Jacob. No big deal. And I saw you live once again. Like I will late tomorrow or more likely the day after. Your grandmother will likely wait up for us. Iím thinking of taking this book and my old ipad where I do spell check. No editing. So Luna Davina is shortly Bavina and now she is Luna Sophia. What a cool kid she is. Will be. She is still on Barbaralbaís tit. Janjaís too but she has no milk. My Love.

486 A brilliant closing to the book. Something that need be read more than once to understand that it ainít rightly fiction. But for the bit of sex.

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