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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 32

Short summary Book 32

It would be interesting to collect various bits to make small books that had continuity. The last 20 or so pages of each book for philosophical inspiration. Wonderful brilliance. To counter some of the dark bits, like the villains being tracked down by Esau and Anna Lucia. We are proceeding gently in Second Genesis. However, Esau from long ago and Luna the most beautiful. They need to have their story told. For we all know the Jacob story, it has dominated for a few thousand years. Now we need to hear the other side of the family. My Love.

Longer Summary Book 32

We start by still being in 486 from last book. However, we have Luna Sophia on her feet. Just ready to start talking. She can say Papa. And Esau and Luna are now official. Details to follow. And Jacob went to his uncleís farm. Start his apprenticeship. And pay for some women and goats.

487. We ainít coming till tomorrow, my secret love. And Esau is working on the wagon. The girls have a little party under the stars. For now they, the four of them, own the beast man.

Day 488 has the wagon starting to take form. A mighty frame. And Esau and Lilly are having a good-bye evening. A slow one. Why. For Tim has a new job. Jackson is driving down the 401. For the last time. But you donít need to wonder why. Spoil the surprise.

489 We cut trees. Thin ones, for the floor of the wagon and we know now why Jackson is in big trouble. Why, you may ask. He stole the wrong child for his child prostitution emporium. Never steal the wrong child.

490 The wagon has a great floor. Check it out. And a sturdy frame to cover in canvas. Tent. So they make it comfortable and move in. It is now their home even if they are not going somewhere. But they will. Itís the biblical thing to do. Anna Lucia and Esau are on their way to Toronto.

491 As it can be, some of the rant is poetic philosophy whereby in some cases it slips into sexual fancy. Or to be more accurate, sexual history, for we talk of Esau of the wild. And the making of babies has started. With Dawn.

492 Esau is working at making our ancestors, praise him and his women. And Jackson Edwards is in a box. Locked in a small box in a sea can, or what you call those metal transport containers. In the container is a wild feline. A smelly one.

493 Another modest feast at the tent of Abraham and Sarah. They all love Esau. As they should. He is blessed by the goddess and loved by his women. Jackson is moved to a ship. Still in his box but without a wild feline. And the sex slave girls are on Lilly Lordís jet heading home.

494 Up at the island. A little adventure. So I can look at you and speak a few words. Now I will take a nap in my room. Esau and Luna are on the road again. Find new grass for the sheep. And Jackson is still in his box. The girls are in India. Papa is happy. And the girls too.

495 Eve has asked to have the second child. She will get the middle point after Dawn has had her first child. And now, after a relaxing day and some good eating, it is time for me to shut down, knowing that I am a mad man and may be dead before you take time to read this. Someone will. And they will be blessed with insight and wisdom. Perhaps they will be inspired to do what they chose to do.

496 A down in a hole kind of lonely Saturday. The Old King is making some big discoveries. The ring world. A world that makes Eden look small. No biosphere on it yet. Just finished. Some projects take a long time. Like this one. And now that we near the end, I still think I must keep it secret. No one should read it. Unless they want to. Then it makes sense. Like any holy book of inspiration and misery.

497 Esau, Luna, Dawn and Eve are having a slow day. Just to rest and recuperate. And speculate about the future. And Barbaralba had a concert with The Three Rivers Orchestra.

498 It is Saturday the 3rd in the soon to leave us present. You are on the main land chasing boys, or they falling over you. We had, your mom and I, a swim at the crowded beach. I would do it again. And in our story, Esau takes his four women to see the king. And the king loves them. Esau gets his blessing and support. And on Eden they are also at the beach.

499 Last night for a while visiting King Amamamabamba. They are on their way in the morning. As are we. And on the machine mountain we now have cable cars and thrill seekers riding the rivers in various boats or boards.

500 Another mental melt down with poetic laments and a bit of story. Also we are back in Saarland. A long drive through the fatherland. Not mine but Iím staying until farther notice. And you wonít notice until Iím gone. Found dead in a bog. Living there for years in a house of logs. Sad.

501 As seems to be the way, the narrator bounced back to write some inspiring philosophy, mixed with up to date astrophysics, but for they now say 13.75 instead of 13.8 billion. Like, whatever. So we will likely take most of this entry and use it for the voice of Namor as he speaks at a university or to his little girl or his woman. And having book 32 completed, we will, after a short nap, continue with book 33. Something will happen. The last book is near. And thus the beginning of the new world cult of love for life. And stars.

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