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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 33

Short summary Book 33

Some major events. Luna Sophia is walking by the end of the book. And Esau and Anna Lucia are finished their job in India. Dawn has the first child in the Clan of Esau of the Wild. She is called Hannah and she will soon have siblings now that they are in their new home and making excellent cheese and friends. Of course, some more fantastic, futuristic philosophy with a hint of scientific understanding and observation into the near and distant future. A true love cult.

Longer Summary Book 33

We start with finishing day 501 and Jackson, much time passed, is off loaded and loaded into the back of a van. “With his rabbit.” Yes. And Esau of the Wild is on his way from Sodom to Gomorrah.

502 Some subtle reminders that this is also a love letter to a little, not sure what word to use here. So they stop at a creek so Jackson can wash. And after 2 Eden years of being a dedicated mother and piano player, Barbaralba kills a shark for a little feast in Gadavida.

“How is the rabbit.”

Getting well fed. So relatively happy. For an unknowing beast of no freedom.

503 A couple independent stories. The young magician at the school for brain damaged children. This may be curable in the near future. Most things will be possible. A crazy new world that we here at Lunanity want to make clear. What you have been told, forget it. Just shit to clog up your feeble mind. And Jackson is in his new home on the mountain.

504 Running around the event horizon of an emotional black hole. Feeding on manic depression to maintain my soul. As well as some reports on a few of our characters. Thank the goddess the next day is Monday.

505 We bounce back the next day to have some good fun in Gomorrah. Esau and the king hit it off, go hunting and kill a fat pig. Barbaralba kills a shark for a feast. And a few other events that include a little holiday activities for Anna Lucia and Esau.

506 It is another day in lala land. And our philosophy of butt holes continues as well as some story lines. The sun is still strong but the night is taking back its dominance. Nearly the equinox. The line. The horizon of dread. And pumpkins and live music and party.

507 Anna Lucia and Esau picked up Prester Monk in his own car. That was the end of stealing children to sell as sex slaves. What is the matter with you; this is no longer biblical times. Time to end slavery. And manic burning of fossil fuels.

508 Prester and Jackson are getting acquainted in their new home. Barbaralba makes her audience cry with her piano performance. And seven thieves come to kill Esau of the Wild and rape his women and inherit his wealth.

509 Esau and his four women are heading toward Lake Galilee. It was likened unto the promised land. A tip from Lord Amamamabamba. And Barbaralba and Namor found the music room on the ship to Havatara. Jackson takes to his rabbit and does not seem to notice Prester Monk. And we have our first concert on Friday. So that is a new excitement. And some truck is out at the track and is loud.

510. I don’t want to reveal any secrets. So I won’t. But Esau of the Wild and his four angelic lovers came onto Lake Galilee and were well pleased. Lance and Prester are not pleased with one another and Anna Lucia and Esau are still in India and we miss the soccer, what we call football, game in Havatara. Some silly love nonsense and other rambling.

511 A day of sour grapes as the philosopher might say. The brightest light was a dark grey. So there was some telling of Esau of the Wild’s first visit to the next town. It went well. All praise to the goddess.

512 Much work on the new farm but Esau and Luna took time to visit the market with 3 bags of wool and a fat hen. Bruce invited them to meet the family and have lunch. And Barbaralba brought Namor to tears at the concert. Like you may to me one day. Though you may have become a selfie junkie and the old man is out of the circle. Left to wander alone in the forest of dread and doom with a little light from a half moon.

513 Esau and Anna Lucia have delivered their last sex slave handler. They will return to New York City. Back in the past, a sheep died so they, Esau of the Wild, offered it to the vultures up on the hill. Blessed be the children of Esau and his goddess resurrection, Artemis, Luna the most beautiful.

514 A fairly cheery ramble through speculation and philosophical masturbation. Anna Lucia and Esau are on their way back. A little more praise to the goddess for the first child of Esau by the handmaid Dawn was born healthy and beautiful. At least we think so. Babies are weird at first. And yes. She is a girl. And she shall be called Hannah and all who read her story shall be blessed.

515 Visited your father to wish him happy 51st. and we finish book 33 in Barbaralba Town with happy times and talk of sports and sharks and Luna Sophia. And in the old story, the women come to bless Hannah and Dawn.

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