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Lunanity Love Life Cult

Steve Howard

Lunanity Love Life Cult

Love Letter for Luna

Table of Content for Book 34

Short summary Book 34

It is becoming obvious that we have been reading a holy book by now. If you have. Most will fear it. For we love to fear that what we donít know. And rightly so. It can kill us or change our minds. In this case, we need to change our minds or we will kill ourselves. It is time to take on our mission and carry our crosses and cut our loses. And all the other hyperbole that makes it clear. The answer is yes. We are it. Know what you want. And Alexandria, the Ring World, is ready. Just not the transportation to get there. Soon. We will get there.

Longer Summary Book 34

Just a short intro on the same day as last entry. Eve is up for the next baby. And we are reminded that we are the guardians of the biosphere. We are the gods.

516 Jack and Anna Lucia have another case, which means we have a little story about Jerry. It was a happy accident kind of story that almost didnít happen. And Luna Sophia had a birthday party. Hanas organized it for her. And some more making sex in the Lordís land. There at the lake. My Love.

517 Your humble narrator did not sleep well because of the irritation of the wasp bite. But it inspired a very short story. And we visit with Jerry and get introduced to his sweet girlfriend. To top it off, Simon is gonna move to Bridgetown to build sticks. They want him to bring The Old Man.

518 Like it might be a true story, the shenanigans of Jerry leave a trail of death and despair. But it is fun. And Esau with his four women, two oxen, a dog and many sheep, are camping at the edge of the woods. They, him and Luna, kill a pig to eat.

519 Esau of the Wild has a serious talk with the King of Gomorrah who has his priest write a letter to Lord Amamamabamba, along with gold and silver, to ask for forgiveness on behalf of the families unaware of the bad behaviour of the seven greedy men. And Jerry is taken into custody, losing his last bit of Big Turk. And freedom. And your humble narrator bitching a little.

520 Esau meets the small army of the Lord outside Sodom. They kill a deer and have a party. Some local women come from Sodom for meat. That over the fire and the rods of out of town sperm. Lilly, Anna Lucia and Esau are taking a little holiday in Canada. They are just leaving now.

521 We are with the soldiers on our way to visit with the Lord. The sheep are slow but they keep giving milk to make more cheese. The other this time Esau is with only 2 girlfriends in Antigonish. They will eat fish. We have some effort at wallowing outside the black hole of despair.

522 Esau of the Wild visits with the Lord. He convinces the Lord to have mercy, for the Lord can show mercy on occasion. So Gomorrah can rejoice. And on Eden, Luna Sophia wants to build a little island in the river where the stick shop, factory, and The Old Manís new soup kitchen will be built.

523 Though the narrator is a little wonky, we have some pleasant story lines. Esau and Luna and the other women, girls, females. Hannah is a big hit with Sarah and Abraham loved the chesses. And The Old Man surprised Namor by sitting in the hockey arena when the Ice Bears had practice. Happy times are on the program.

524 Like it is in the now, it was then the first time music for too long. This time only 5 weeks. Summer break. And Esau and the women of the past visit Sarah and, no, mother and her two sisters. Anna is what he knew her as. A different name than in the other bible. The holy scriptures of old. As too will these one day be. And someone will write a new holy scriptures. Maybe machine intelligence gonna do a serious bible. Thou shalt control matter and energy. And enjoy a very long life.

525 You need a topic for an essay or thesis, this is the ticket. It is wild philosophy. Wild as in not locked into the cage of an acceptable paradigm of mediocrity. And we have a short visit to Eden before packing in for the day.

526 Anna Lucia is dropped off at the airport and Lilly plans to have complete reign of Esau for a week. With a bag of grass and visiting cafes for coffee and pie. And Esau of the Wild gives the king, we say Sodom here but it was Gomorrah. It is important to add confusion so in the future someone will notice that the holy book has mistakes. As all holy books do. For that is part of the escape clause. You need not believe.

527 Back at Hannah Hamlet, Eve has her first baby, Christina. Dawn wants the third child and her second. So it will be. Buddy and Kent are holding out so they can work. And Lilly asks Esau the big question and he does not hesitate. His dreams had not be as delicious.

528 Life goes on in a gentle process and the revelations are at a minimal. Not likely enough for an essay. It is up to you.

529 Kent might have a girlfriend. He has been encouraged to invite her to Hannah Hamlet for a little dinner party. Luna Sophia has invited Suzanna to be on her biosphere for Alexandria Ring World. Her continent. And Lilly gave Esau a nice hand job before going out for dinner.

530 Kate is impressed with the hospitality of Kent and his people. She knows them from the market. And Jimi she has known a long time. But the buttered buns. Wow. That was a surprise. And Luna Sophiaís island has a name. We will change disk to ring in the novel. Algae is released on the ring world.

531 Some talk of Alexandria. The world. Getting it started. And the transportation is being built on the moon. Be ready soon. Kate spent the night in a tent with the girls. But for Dawn. She slept with Esau of the Wild.

532 After some time with Esau and Luna back at the farm, Lunaís parents, we engage in perfect clarity to remind the reader why we have a new holy scriptures blessed by the goddess. Inspired by the goddess. For as it is with holy scriptures, no one knew when the words started hitting the real world paper that such a thing would come to pass. The power of instinct. And knowledge, what we were told to take, and wisdom that we are still working on. Blessed is the reader of the new holy scriptures.

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